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Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Get your affiliate program started in a few minutes. No developers required.

Track Performance

Track Performance

Monitor the performance of all your marketing efforts from one dashboard.

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

More referrals means more sales. Automate & grow your affiliate program.

Grow your business by getting exposure to new audiences

Starting rewarding people for promoting your business. LeadDyno tracks all of your clicks, leads, and sales.

How it works

Time saving affiliate management tools

Our affiliate software works for for all sizes of businesses. Simple tools for those getting started and more advanced options for enterprise businesses wanting to run a more complicated incentive or payment structure.

Get your program setup in minutes. We will help you along the way.

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Our suite of affiliate tools allow you to keep affiliates engaged and motivated to help sell your product or service.


Setup emails to automate your marketing. Our affiliate software allows you to send emails to your affiliates as well as your customers.


All of your clicks, leads, and sales are available in your LeadDyno dashboard. View your most successful campaigns.


Paying your affiliates is easy with LeadDyno affiliate software. Bulk pay affiliates with Paypal Mass Pay.

We connect to the best tools to help you manage your affiliate program.

We build the best affiliate tracking software and integrate with top e-commerce platforms, payment processors, CRM's, and email platforms. Many of our integrations can be installed with one click. Not technical? Not to worry, our support staff will help you launch your affiliate program.

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  • Love the Leaddyno affiliate platform, and the plugin makes the WP integration a doddle. A pleasure to use, and their support is A+.
    Great affiliate tool
  • Really easy setup… I got my affiliate tracking going as soon as I installed this plugin. Affiliate marketing is one of my main lead gen channels – and these guys are the best. I did a lot of research in the space and tried a few others before setting on LeadDyno. Their plugin makes setup a piece of cake for WP sites!
    Easy Affiliate Tracking for WordPress
  • “I’ve used Leaddyno since my old Shopify store before my move to Woocommerce. Even then I searched every affiliate marketing tool available. Lead dyno is loaded with features, has sweet customizations, and has an nice feel on the front and back end that is just not present with other softwares. If you don’t want to waste time, Leaddyno is what you want.”
    Tried all of them, this is the best!
  • “So I was looking at many ways to help my company draw more leads and found LeadDyno. OMG it is awesome and will certainly do a lot more than most others programs. Very reasonable pricing and support is OUTSTANDING. Your search for is over LeadDyno is a great.”
    Doesn’t get any better than this
  • When deciding what affiliate program to use I did a lot of research into different ones that worked with Wordpress. This came out top for me, it has a lot more features than similar products and I like that it tells your affiliate who the sale is from and also allows you to track leads (which in my case is the free version of my site) Support has been good, a special mention to Adam Jacobs who has been there to help me set everything up and answer any questions as ive gone along.
    Great affiliate product
  • “Spent quite a bit of time looking for an affiliate management plugin that would make it easy for me to manage my affiliate program and Lead Dyno was recommended to me. I’ve found it easy to set up with great support for when I did have questions!”
    Great plugin with great support


Below are a few of the questions we get asked about affiliate marketing and our software. More Questions? Check out our technical docs.

  • How does LeadDyno work?

    Setting up an affiliate program and tracking software has never been easier.

    It starts with creating an account on LeadDyno. We offer a 30 day free trial. LeadDyno integrates in one-click with the most popular e-Commerce shopping carts. One completed LeadDyno will track all your clicks, leads, and sales immediately. We provide a simple wizard to customize the design of your affiliate portal.

    To learn more check out our How it Works guide.

  • Why Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate Marketing is as cost effective as it gets

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising – like Google Adwords and Facebook – are getting more expensive all the time. While we invest heavily in Google Adwords ourselves here at LeadDyno, and click costs are constantly creeping up. Which means that next month, we’ll have to pay a little bit more to get the same results.

    Our affiliate program, on the other hand, is always profitable… because we pay our affiliates a commission based on the sales they bring us. Until they sell something, we don’t have to pay them anything. Affiliate marketing is also more scalable than pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. While there are a fixed number of relevant keywords that we (and you) can bid on and make money, there’s basically an unlimited amount of product that you can sell with affiliate partners.

  • Is it easy for affiliates?

    LeadDyno makes it easy for affiliates

    New prospective users often ask us how easy it is for their affiliate to share their link. It’s really simple. Here’s how it works… When your affiliates sign up with you, they’ll automatically receive an email from you welcoming them to your affiliate program. This email will contain their unique referral link. It will also contain a “one-click” login link to their Affiliate Dashboard.

    The Affiliate Dashboard is where your affiliate can share their link via email and social media with a single click. For example, when they click the Facebook button, they’ll automatically be forwarded over to Facebook, with a new post pre-populated, and their affiliate link already embedded! They can add a personal note or recommendation if they’d like – or they can simply click “Post” to get the message up on their Wall immediately. This “convenience factor” is huge.

    Affiliates are able to share their link early and often with their friends and colleagues. It really couldn’t be any easier. The Affiliate Dashboard is also where they can grab marketing materials like banner ads for their website or blog. The banners will already have their affiliate link embedded. So, your affiliate can simply copy the HTML and paste it to their site – or they can have their web developer do this for them.

Why LeadDyno Affiliate Software?

LeadDyno is an industry leader in affiliate tracking technology and affiliate program management. Since 2014 we have tracked over 60M+ referrals.

Our clients generated $200M+ in affiliate sales in 2020

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