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Affiliate Recruitment

Make your affiliates feel welcome. Everything you need to bring your affiliates, influencers and customers into your program with ease.

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Personalize the Experience

Add your logo and favicon, choose a color scheme that aligns with your brand, and even apply custom CSS. Enable reCAPTCHA, customize your terms, program description, welcome message and more.

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Import Your Affiliates

We’ve got you covered. We’ll help ensure your affiliates are properly imported, so you can set up your LeadDyno affiliate program with ease. Check out this helpful doc to learn more.

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Configure Automatic Emails

Send notifications to affiliates or new customers. Choose the frequency of emails and customize the message to make it your own.

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Invite New Customers

Your customer may make your best affiliates. Automate invitation emails to your customers to invite them to your affiliate program.

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Affiliate Approval

You have the flexibility to choose between auto-approving or manually approving affiliate applications according to your program's needs.

Affiliate Management

LeadDyno tracks every aspect of your affiliates’ performance, from visits and leads to sales and additional affiliate recruitment, helping you make the most out of your program.

Affiliate Visibility

Empower your affiliates with visibility through LeadDyno. Keep them informed about current product offerings and news by sending newsletters, straight from from your dashboard. Enable tracking of progress through a list of referred products and sales, a chart of visitors, leads, and purchases, and an analytics tab for long-term progress tracking. 

Tracking Codes

Facilitate referrals with unique tracking codes that can double as coupons, depending on your integration. Customize codes with letters or numbers, and provide a unique URL for inviting new affiliates to join. Enable SubIDs for tracking efforts across multiple marketing channels.

Marketing Materials

Simplify marketing for your affiliates by adding easy-to-share materials such as text, images, banners and platform-specific styling. Add additional content that provide helpful resources for your affiliates, such as, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Blog posts, SMS texting and Emails. Automatically convert URLs to unique affiliate links.

Automated Emails

Set up automated emails to your affiliates to let them know about new purchases, leads, or daily activity they’ve generated.

Affiliate Newsletters

Send out newsletters to your affiliates. Newsletters are a great way to keep your affiliates in the loop of anything new in your business and program.

Tax Reporting

Export affiliate commission totals for reference in your tax reporting.

What’s Selling

Give your affiliates visibility into what's selling with our What's Selling feature. Show your affiliates the products, quantity and sales amounts referred by them based on a specific time period. What's Selling is currently available for Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, and Infusionsoft integrations.

Reward Structures

We know commission plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer extensive customization options, so you can set up the plans that best suit your business needs.

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Types of Referrals

Choose whether you want to reward affiliates for visitors, leads, or purchases generated.

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Commission Amount

Set the amount to reward each affiliate. Choose between a percentage or set amount.

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One Time or Recurring Payment

Have a SaaS business? Recognize your affiliates by offering recurring payments for any subscribed customer they refer.

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When to Release Funds

Choose how long to wait before releasing a commission after a purchase is made, to avoid paying commissions on refunded orders.

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Who Does the Plan Apply To

Setup specific plans that apply to an individual or a group of affiliates. LeadDyno allows you to create unlimited groups of affiliates.

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Set the Commission Type

While most merchants pay affiliates in money, you can also offer alternative payments, such as, store credit, gifts, or a discount on your product or service.

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Time Boxed Incentives

Set date ranges for specific affiliate commissions. Configure a start and end date for a time sensitive promotion.

Customer bounty icon

New Customer Bounties

New customers carry a lot of value. Reward your affiliates with a one-time commission for new customers they bring your way.

Multi-level marketing icon

Multi-Level Marketing

Reward affiliates for recruiting other affiliates to promote your affiliate program. Set up to 10 levels.

Performance icon

Performance Based Tiers

Set up a tiered performance reward system for your affiliates. Base it on the number of $ of sales ongoing or reset it each month.


Whether you prefer to streamline your processes through mass payouts or handle payments individually, we have you covered.

Minimum Payment Amount

It is up to you to choose the minimum payment amount required before paying your affiliates.

Payment Frequency

You decide how often to pay your affiliates. Pay affiliates weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Bulk Pay Affiliates

Use our integration with Paypal Masspay to pay all your affiliates at one time.

Pay Affiliates Individually

Quickly pay affiliates around the world in a few clicks using Paypal.

Pay Affiliates in Cryptocurrencies

Payout affiliate commissions using our Coinbase integration.

Other Payment Methods

Pay affiliates by check, wire, free service, gift card, or other methods, and mark those affiliates as paid within LeadDyno for easy tracking of payments.

Lead Conversions

Convert your leads to new customers with our automated lead management tools.

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Collect Lead Information

Manage your website leads seamlessly with LeadDyno. Simply collect visitor emails and access your LeadDyno Dashboard to easily add, edit, and manage your leads.

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Automated Email Sequence

Nurture leads into customers with LeadDyno's customizable email automation. Choose the timing, add text, images, and styling for different platforms, and configure emails to send immediately or after a set number of days.

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Import Your Leads

Integrate effortlessly with popular CRM and email marketing platforms, such as, Hubspot, ZohoCRM, Aweber, Mailchimp and Klaviyo, and import your leads from LeadDyno.

Reporting & Analytics

From visitors to leads, customers and purchases, gain visibility into the impact your program is making on your bottom line.

Track Performance

Accurately assess the impact of your affiliate program with LeadDyno's comprehensive reporting and analysis screens, including visitor, lead, purchase, and customer-specific data.

Compare your program with other sources using the "Affiliate Only" toggle. View trend lines and data by date in easy-to-read tables, and export your data with our customizable exports to focus on the data you need.

Affiliate Leaderboard

Follow the success of your affiliates by comparing how they perform based on specific windows of time.

Affiliate Timeline

View the real-time actions of your affiliates in chronological order using the timeline feed.

Set up a social sharing widget

Social Sharing Widget

Set up a social sharing widget to track social shares of your product or services.

Affiliate Statistics

View visitors, leads, purchases, and social share information for each of your affiliates.

Accurately assess the impact of your affiliate program with LeadDyno's comprehensive reporting and analysis screen

Marketing Tracking

Track marketing efforts with custom tracking links for Adwords, Facebook, or other campaigns to determine your most successful channels.

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