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LeadDyno offers streamlined affiliate marketing software that empowers thousands of business and brand owners to launch and grow their revenue while efficiently managing their affiliate program.

Earn a recurring 20% commission (for the first 12 months) on all referred subscription signups.

LeadDyno offers a great opportunity to earn additional income while promoting a powerful and effective tool for businesses to increase their revenue.

How It Works

Get started with our affiliate program today and earn a generous recurring commission (for the first 12 months) by following these three easy steps:


Join As An Affiliate

Sign up for our affiliate program and get your unique tracking link, which you can use to refer customers to LeadDyno.


Promote LeadDyno

Share your personalized affiliate link with your community through social media, emails, blogs, or your website. The more you promote, the more you can earn.


Start Earning

For every customer that you refer who subscribes to LeadDyno, you'll receive a recurring commission of 20% (for the first 12 months) on their monthly subscription fee. The commission is paid to you as long as the customer continues to use our service, generating passive income!

Why Promote LeadDyno?

Market Potential

LeadDyno works with a variety of business types, including e-commerce, SaaS, informational products, and membership services. This opens up a huge market potential for you to promote LeadDyno and earn commissions.

LeadDyno gives you the tools you need to promote to your community

The Tools You Need

Promoting LeadDyno to your community is easy and straightforward. Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you'll get access to a library of creative resources, including links, banners, and digital materials. You can use these resources to easily promote LeadDyno on social media, through email, on your website, or in your blog.

Multiple Integrations

LeadDyno integrates directly with over 25 different platforms, including industry leaders, such as Stripe, WordPress, Shopify, Paypal and BigCommerce. With so many available integrations, you can easily promote LeadDyno to a wide audience, and potentially earn commissions from a diverse range of customers.

Are You a Good Fit for LeadDyno’s Affiliate Program?

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E-commerce Store Owners

As a store owner, you have the expertise and knowledge to help others succeed in the industry. Share your experience and promote LeadDyno to your community.

social media influencers icon

Social Media Influencers

If you work with influencers or have built a following on social media, you have the skill set we're looking for. Promoting LeadDyno to your audience can be a great way to earn additional income.

Digital Marketers and Content Writers icon

Digital Marketers & Content Creators

If you work in the digital marketing field, you're a great fit for our program. You can include LeadDyno in blog posts or contect where you think potential customers might see it.

current LeadDyno customers icon

Current LeadDyno Customers

If you're already a LeadDyno customer and love our platform, you can earn additional income by sharing your success story and promoting our affiliate program to others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

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No, it's totally free!

Do I need to be a LeadDyno customer?

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Although we love it when our customers are so enthusiastic about our affiliate SaaS that they become affiliates themselves, you do not have to be a LeadDyno customer to become an affiliate.

How do I promote LeadDyno?

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Once you access your affiliate dashboard, you'll have access to a variety of creative resources, including your personalized affiliate link that you can share through your website, blog posts, ads, video content, and social media.

Who would be LeadDyno's target audience?

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Ecommerce or SaaS store brand owners.

Can I be an affiliate of a competitor?

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While we would love for you to only promote LeadDyno, you are free to become an affiliate for our competitors.

How do I check my performance?

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With our user-friendly affiliate dashboard, you can easily track your referrals and commissions, allowing you to optimize your promotion strategies for maximum results. We make it simple to track your progress and increase your earnings over time.

How often will I be paid out?

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We pay our affiliate commissions on the first of each month, or on the first business day following the first of each month. Note affiliates will only get paid for the months they reach the minimum earning in commission highlighted in our affiliate agreement.

How will I be paid?

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We pay our affiliates with our PayPal integration. Note, you do require a PayPal account in order to join our program.

Are annual plans eligible for commission?

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No, annual plans are not included in the affiliate program rewards.

Disclaimer: All commission payouts are made through PayPal, please ensure you have or you create one before joining.

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