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We understand that managing an Affiliate Program can be a daunting task, especially when you already have a lot on your plate. That's why our dedicated in-house affiliate managers are ready to lend a helping hand, so you can focus on your business. Want to learn more?

Jennifer Tilney, President of Platinum Skin Care
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In the past, we just didn't have time to follow up with our affiliates properly - and we ended up closing our program to all but a few trusted Vloggers and spa owners. After using LeadDyno's Affiliate Management Service, we now have someone that can not only help ensure our new affiliates are set up properly, but can also monitor their continued actions, and  be sure they are following our rules. This has been invaluable for us, and we have now been able to fully open our Affiliate Marketing program again with confidence.

Jennifer Tilney


Helping You Drive Your Business Forward

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    Affiliate program health audits

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    Monitoring tracking data

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    Compensation planning

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    Personalized reports

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    Configuration support

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    Fraud checking

What Will My Designated Affiliate Program Manager Do?

Your dedicated Affiliate Program Manager will keep an experienced eye on your affiliate program to free up time for you to focus on other key aspects of your business. They can help you navigate aspects of affiliate management that you may not be familiar with and apply best practices to your setup and communications. Whether it's configuring or scheduling automated affiliate emails, customizing your affiliate website to perfectly align with your brand's identity, conducting thorough fraud checks, or garnering insights from your LeadDyno reports, they are here to help.

Partnering for Affiliate Success

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Affiliate Management

We’re here to help archive affiliates and answer your affiliate’s questions.

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Affiliate Communications

Let us set up and manage your automated affiliate emails.

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Affiliate Website

We’ll take the lead on customization and updating of your affiliate website.

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Personalized Reporting

We'll provide you with insight into LeadDyno  data that allows you to keep all your stakeholders informed.

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Affiliate Newsletter

Let us drive your content idea generation for affiliate newsletters.

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