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With LeadDyno's API and easy-to-use integrations, you can seamlessly connect your affiliate program with your preferred e-commerce, marketing, and payment platforms.

Whether you use popular platforms like Shopify, PayPal, or Mailchimp, or custom-built solutions, our integrations make it simple to track affiliate sales and monitor your marketing efforts.

Public API

Access your affiliate marketing data from anywhere with LeadDyno's public API. Our API allows you to easily push or pull data between your own systems and LeadDyno, so you can work with your affiliate data in the way that best suits your needs. With our API, you can seamlessly integrate your affiliate program data with your own systems, enabling end-users to track data from virtually anywhere.

Direct Integrations

We integrate directly with over 25 world-leading e-commerce, marketing and payment platforms. This enables us to efficiently build a wide range of standard requirements for our customers, saving time and hassle. Our direct integrations with industry leaders allow us to quickly provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers.


Do you have a more complex integration requirement? We're here to help. Here at LeadDyno, we connect with Zapier to share captured leads or affiliates between platforms, and we're always open to tackling more intricate needs. If your requirements go beyond our direct integrations and Zapier capabilities, simply get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help.

We've Got You Covered

Effortlessly connect with the tools that keep your business afloat. Our platform offers direct integrations with over 25 ecommerce platforms and business tools.


Make affiliate payouts from the tools you trust. With PayPal, mass affiliate payments have never been easier.

Payment Processing

Integrate your payment processing tool with LeadDyno to automatically send critical purchase data to your affiliate program to gain the visibility you need. Take advantage of our PayPal integration with the "Buy Now" button or a PayPal merchant service.


Automatically upload your leads and/or affiliates directly to your CRM.

Email Marketing

Automatically upload your leads and/or affiliates to your email marketing tool.


Create affiliate signup forms with ease. 

Team Communications

Stay updated on events within LeadDyno, such as new visits, leads, and purchases, by receiving notifications directly in Slack to keep your team informed.


Get insights on your affiliate program's activity by receiving information within your Clicky account. This includes data on visitors, actions, and average time per visit, all from your LeadDyno affiliate program.

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