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Automate your marketing processes, so you can focus on building your brand! Customize your platform, manage thousands of affiliates, influencers, and ambassadors and generate leads with ease, all from the comfort of one easy-to-navigate app.

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Boost your revenue with an affiliate program that integrates seamlessly with your brand. LeadDyno helps you design your affiliate program from scratch and run it with all the flexibility you need to scale.

Affiliate Program That Fits Your Needs

Because your business is constantly growing and developing, LeadDyno is designed to give you a highly customizable platform experience. That way you can achieve the flexibility that your business needs to thrive. Whether you’re just at the start of an affiliate program or you have thousands of affiliates, influencers or ambassadors on your roster, LeadDyno gives you the tools to succeed.

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Increase Software Signups and Paid Subscriptions

It can be challenging to bring in new leads with consistency, while avoiding a high churn rate. With a strong affiliate program, you can ensure that the traffic, leads, and sales you get are from people truly interested in your product, brought in with regularity by your credible affiliates.

Spend Time Where it Matters Most

Focus on building your relationships with the affiliates who are impacting your bottom line. With straightforward data tracking, reporting and automated marketing tools, you’ll be able to discover new insights about your target audiences while effectively scaling your business.

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Pay Your Affiliates in Just a Few Clicks

LeadDyno integrates with Paypal, so you can pay your affiliates without hassle.

Plus, you can easily adjust how much, how often, and whether the payment is one-time or recurring. And with a custom commission model, you can implement tiers and referrals for ultimate flexibility.

Easily Automate Affiliate Activity and Track Results

No more worrying about losing valuable data as you scale your business. LeadDyno helps you track all affiliate-related activity, including visitors, leads, purchases, and social share information—and it’s all available in the LeadDyno dashboard, for both you and your affiliates.

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We’ve had lots of success with LeadDyno. It’s definitely the affiliate software to use for similar use cases.

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