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Snappa is the fastest way for non-designers to create online graphics. Thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, and non-designers around the world use Snappa to create great looking graphics for social media, display ads, blog posts and more.

Nick Le
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We’ve had lots of success with LeadDyno. It’s definitely the affiliate software to use for similar use cases.

Nick Le

Marketing Manager

The Challenge

Creating a new revenue stream with affiliate marketing

From its founding, Snappa leaned heavily into content marketing and SEO link building to drive growth, and it had done remarkably well with that approach. But eventually, the Snappa marketing team wanted to layer on additional marketing channels to increase signups and paid subscriptions.

Affiliate marketing stood out as the next marketing channel to explore. After all, Snappa already had good relationships with many bloggers and influencers because of its roots in content marketing and SEO link building. Affiliate marketing looked like a great way to deepen those relationships while growing the business even more. Nick Le, Marketing Manager at Snappa, explains:

We wanted to give our partners an extra incentive to write about us and continue raving about our products. It was a win-win for us both.

However, finding a platform that could support Snappa’s affiliate marketing program wouldn’t be easy because of its unique requirements. Snappa has a recurring affiliate commission structure, which most affiliate software platforms aren’t made to accommodate. Under most affiliate programs, commissions are paid once, but Snappa’s affiliates earn recurring commissions once a referral customer subscribes to Snappa services.

In other words, once customers sign up for Snappa using a referral link, affiliates make a percentage of recurring commissions over the life of each customer and are paid every month as long as that customer remains active. This lucrative structure is attractive to affiliates, and the Snappa marketing team could foresee thousands of affiliates applying to sign up. They needed a platform that could manage them all.

The marketing team also needed the ability to adjust affiliate commission percentages over time. They planned to start paying commissions at 20% but wanted the option to increase that percentage if the program proved successful.

Most affiliate software doesn’t offer much flexibility. But every business and affiliate relationship is different. We needed software that could adapt to our unusual affiliate program and grow with us.

In addition, Snappa needed an affiliate platform that could integrate with Stripe and PayPal Mass Pay. Further, Snappa wanted a platform that would keep up with the rapidly changing world of affiliate marketing. “Affiliate marketing isn’t just bloggers anymore,” says Nick. “It’s social media influencers and YouTubers—and it will be something new again next week.”

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LeadDyno has helped hundreds of SaaS brands boost their bottom line through the implementation of an affiliate program.

The Solution

Creating a new revenue stream with affiliate marketing

A Highly Customizable Affiliate Platform

LeadDyno has the flexibility to support Snappa’s innovative affiliate marketing program, including its unique recurring commission payment structure.

Snappa can also adjust its percentage payouts when needed, and it has raised them significantly over the years. It also has the option of segmenting affiliates by different commission rates.

We started at 20%, then 30% and this year we changed it to 40%. This is a big draw for our affiliates and is an important part of our success—and LeadDyno makes it possible.

When Snappa switched from automatically accepting all affiliate applicants to manually reviewing each application as demand for the program grew, LeadDyno was able to easily adapt to that change as well. As Snappa continues to innovate its program, LeadDyno’s flexibility remains important.

Having an affiliate software that allows you to adapt to each situation makes a huge difference. That flexibility is crucial for success.

Thousands of Affiliates

Snappa’s generous affiliate program is a huge draw, and today it has thousands of affiliates to whom it pays thousands of dollars in commissions each month. In fact, its top few affiliates made about $70K in commissions in 2020.

That’s a lot of complexity to manage, and LeadDyno does it all.

LeadDyno integrates with our processes to pay affiliates and track results. It’s a cohesive system that just works.

Affiliates Across Diverse Platforms

Today, Snappa is attracting affiliates across all platforms, finding particular success with YouTube. In fact, one top YouTube affiliate produced almost $35,000 in recurring revenue last year. “We weren’t expecting these numbers at all,” says Nick. “It proves what can happen when you put the right program in place and focus on quality over quantity.”

Integration With Stripe and PayPal

Snappa has also integrated LeadDyno with Stripe and PayPal to accept and send payments.

“We have thousands of affiliates living around the world, and they need to get paid on time,” says Nick.

The fact that LeadDyno integrates with two of the biggest payment processors in the world reassures me that they’ll also integrate with the next big payment processor that comes along.

The Ability to Scale as Snappa Grows

LeadDyno is scaling with Snappa as its affiliate program continues to experience rocket growth—and LeadDyno shows no signs of not keeping pace.

Our affiliate program has grown a lot with LeadDyno, especially in the past year and a half. We have big plans for the future because we’ve seen the difference the right partners make to our bottom line.

The Results

$130K+ annual revenue from affiliate sales

With the help of LeadDyno, Snappa’s affiliate program is generating $130K+ in annual revenue, making up 17% of its annual recurring revenue.

Snappa now has over 4,100 affiliates and continues to get 30 to 40 new affiliate applications every month, which is allowing it to refine its affiliate program and drive sign ups and subscriptions even higher. “Initially, we accepted just about everyone,” says Nick. “Now, interest is so high we manually review each application to make sure they’re a good fit for us and will represent our brand well.”

Nick Le
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With LeadDyno, we can offer the best possible affiliate program to our partners. And the more affiliates we get, the more customers we gain.

Nick Le

Marketing Manager

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