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Beddy’s is helping everyone have stress-free morning routines with their revolutionary zipper bedding, allowing you to make your bed in seconds. Their one-piece unit design eliminates the hassle of tucking and adjusting separate sheets, blankets, and comforters.

Aimee Petty
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LeadDyno has had a big impact on our program and business growth. With its powerful reporting and data analysis tools, we have access to the insights we need to make informed decisions and optimize our affiliate program.

Aimee Petty

Affiliate Marketing Specialist

The Challenge

Finding a platform to simplify affiliate payments

Beddy's bedding was born out of frustration and a desire for something that would make life easier for parents. Betsy, a mom of twins and co-founder of Beddy’s, struggled with the task of making bunk beds every morning. She searched for easy solutions on the internet but found nothing that met her needs. That's when she decided to create a solution herself, with the help of her mom. They came up with a prototype that made it easy to make the beds and keep them tidy throughout the day. The kids loved the bedding, and it made Betsy's mornings so much less stressful. She realized that this could be a valuable product for other parents, and that's how Beddy's was born.

After Betsy created the first prototype for Beddy's bedding, she discussed the idea with her friend, and now business partner, Angie during one of their daily jogs. Angie was impressed with the concept and saw the potential for it to become a successful business. 

As the business took off, Beddy's implemented an affiliate program to help spread the word. As the program grew, they faced the challenge of finding an easy-to-use platform to manage and streamline weekly affiliate payouts. According to Aimee, an Affiliate Marketing Specialist for Beddy's, “paying affiliates weekly is a significant selling point for our program, as many other programs only pay out monthly, meaning that affiliates have to wait 30 days after the purchase to receive their payment.” For Beddy's, finding an affiliate platform that would allow them to pay out their affiliates weekly was essential.

Paying them weekly allows our affiliates who shared more during a particular week to earn extra commission on their payout so we needed to find a platform that could do this.

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LeadDyno has helped hundreds of Fashion & Lifestyle brands boost their bottom line through the implementation of an affiliate program.

The Solution

Finding a platform to simplify affiliate payments

Managing Custom Commission Models

LeadDyno offers the flexibility to support Beddy’s custom weekly affiliate payout commission model. They can select how often to pay their affiliates, and pay them in app using the mass Paypal integration. Beddy’s affiliates are essential to the brand’s success, so they nurture those relationships and ensure consistent payouts. “I’m always making sure all our affiliates are getting paid weekly, and LeadDyno allows us to do so.”

Successful Campaign Insights

With four major campaign launches in 2022, affiliates, and their successful affiliate program, were at the core of them.

The launches where we had strong affiliate support literally made the difference between the launch being successful or not. So yeah, affiliates are pretty integral to every launch and promotion we do.

A successful campaign they ran recently was their spring launch, where affiliates made a big impact by promoting the brand and driving a large volume of sales, resulting in a commission spike. 

Beddy’s keeps track of these affiliate sales through LeadDyno’s reporting dashboards and tracking tools. “LeadDyno allows me to track overall and individual affiliate performance and commissions, right on the dashboard, which saves me from having to manually sort through data”, allowing Beddy’s to report on campaigns and tie success back to affiliate contributions.

Tracking Visibility

“Having tracking visibility is an essential tool for our businesses” says Aimee, “it allows us to analyze the affiliates sales growth and the impact they have on campaigns”. By using comparison data, Beddy’s can compare sales from previous years and immediately see the impact their affiliate program has on current campaigns. 

With access to more information, such as affiliate payouts and unique tracking links, Beddy’s can easily see how each channel contributes to their overall revenue.

Unique affiliate tracking links make it easy to check against Google Analytics providing a breakdown of each channel, including affiliates, and their contributions.

This visibility helps Beddy’s make informed decisions about which campaigns and channels are most effective in driving revenue. “With this knowledge, we can easily identify the impact of affiliates in each campaign and adjust our strategies to optimize for revenue”. 

Shopify Integration

Beddy's ecommerce site is powered by Shopify, making it crucial for them to select an affiliate platform with a seamless Shopify integration. It’s another reason why LeadDyno was the ideal choice for them. With LeadDyno's easy and seamless integration with Shopify, Beddy's was able to effortlessly incorporate affiliate marketing into their sales strategy. 

The affiliate data within LeadDyno integrates so well with Shopify! We don't have any issues with the correlation at all, the orders and everything gets submitted automatically, and we're able to easily connect the commission the Shopify integration is very important for us. We wouldn't really be able to do anything without it.

User-Friendly Exporting and Exploring

“Being able to pull any kind of export, and being able to send it to finance so easily is a huge deal for us, because I don’t have to manually go through it, I can just export it” says Aimee. With LeadDyno’s user-friendly exporting it allows Beddy’s to leverage the easy to navigate reporting and export key data based on the date range and customized criteria most relevant to them. 

Aimee continued, “I also personally like how easy it is to find anybody in the app, being able to see their affiliate codes and all information about them, the app is truly so simple we never have to manually go in and pull information we need.”

The Results

Suffice to say, Beddy's partnership with LeadDyno has yielded impressive results - with over $20M in affiliate sales generated to date. The company boasts a robust affiliate network, currently comprised of more than 600 members, who are generously compensated for promoting Beddy's to their audiences. With a generous commission structure and weekly payouts, affiliates are incentivized to continue promoting Beddy's brand.

In 2022 alone, Beddy's affiliate program was responsible for driving over 10% of the company's total annual sales. In addition, affiliates drove over 400k unique visitors to Beddy's website.

Overall, Beddy's success with LeadDyno has earned the platform high praise from Beddy's team. They enthusiastically endorse LeadDyno as a powerful tool for any business looking to grow and succeed in the affiliate marketing space. According to Aimee, “I highly recommend LeadDyno to anyone out there trying to grow their business, LeadDyno truly does everything you need it to do".

Aimee Petty
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With LeadDyno handling logistics and administrative tasks is so simple it allows us to spend more time on cultivating the relationships with our affiliates, planning and sending out PR boxes, and brainstorming new ways to strengthen those relationships. By streamlining logistics processes such as payments and tracking, LeadDyno has allowed us to shift our focus to more high-valued tasks that directly impact our affiliates' partnerships.

Aimee Petty

Affiliate Marketing Specialist

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