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Revelation Health

Revelation Health provides therapeutic grade supplements, organic foods, healthy home products, and natural body care, using only the safest ingredients, approved and utilized by their network of physicians across the country.

Debbie Sutton
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My favorite part about using LeadDyno is the amazing support they offer. Whenever we have questions or issues, they're always there to help and provide solutions. Having a reliable support team is crucial when managing an affiliate program, and LeadDyno has exceeded our expectations in that regard.

Debbie Sutton


The Challenge

Finding a platform to help them manage their affiliates

Revelation Health is a health store brand that sells vitamins, supplements, and natural health foods. As the brand grew, they realized they needed a better way to manage their affiliate program. They were struggling to keep track of their affiliates and needed an app that would let them manage their affiliates easily. The challenge was to find a platform that was easy to use, customizable, and could help them manage their affiliate program efficiently.

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LeadDyno has helped hundreds of Health & Wellness brands boost their bottom line through the implementation of an affiliate program.

The Solution

Finding a platform to help them manage their affiliates

Customize Their Affiliate Program

With LeadDyno, Revelation Health has been able to customize their affiliate program to match their brand's style and messaging. This helped them build trust and loyalty with their affiliates, making it easier to attract and retain top-performing affiliates.

Valuable Integrations

LeadDyno integrated seamlessly with Shopify, making it easy for Revelation Health to track sales, manage commissions, and pay affiliates. This integration allowed Revelation Health to streamline their affiliate program and focus on growing their business.

LeadDyno was the ideal choice for managing our affiliate program, as it seamlessly integrates with Shopify. This was an essential factor for us.

Program Transparency and Trust

LeadDyno provided transparency into the affiliate program, which built trust between Revelation Health and their affiliates. The transparency also helped Revelation Health monitor their affiliate program's performance and make informed decisions to improve their program. 

We use LeadDyno built in reporting to keep track of our affiliate performance and see what's working and what's not.

The Ability to Scale

As Revelation Health grows, LeadDyno has shown the flexibility of features to grow with them. The platform allows for an unlimited number of affiliates and unlimited commission payments, making it easy for Revelation Health to scale their program without being hit with costly fees.

The Results

Since implementing LeadDyno, Revelation Health has seen tremendous results. Their affiliates are bringing in over $1 million in annual sales, with an average of $115k in monthly affiliate sales. Revelation Health has visibility into each affiliate's progress and success, making it easy to see who their top-performing affiliates are and reward them accordingly. Overall, LeadDyno has helped Revelation Health streamline their affiliate program and scale their business, making it easier for them to grow and succeed.

Debbie Sutton
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LeadDyno provides me with a comprehensive overview of each order, allowing me to easily access the details of what each customer purchased. I find this feature extremely helpful in gaining insight into my customers' preferences and behavior, and appreciate the user-friendly interface that LeadDyno offers.

Debbie Sutton


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