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Shine Cosmetics

Shine Cosmetics stands against the sexualization of women by the beauty industry by building up successful and confident women so they feel beautiful inside and out.

Darcey Wilde
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LeadDyno is helping us reach our goals, which is allowing us to scale and help even more women feel beautiful, supported and empowered.

Darcey Wilde


The Challenge

Fairly compensating brand promoters

When the young daughter of Chandler Taylor, founder of Shine Cosmetics, read aloud the names of the beauty products contained in her mom’s makeup bag, Chandler was shocked by their overt sexual messaging.

This discovery inspired her to create Shine Cosmetics, a beauty brand committed to helping women feel confident and beautiful—instead of sexual objects in need of improvement.

Chandler and her business partners, Darcey Wilde and Erin Richardson, loved the idea of helping women earn income for their families from home through affiliate marketing and wanted to generously compensate those women for sharing Shine Cosmetics’ message and products.

Darcey Wilde, CEO of Shine Cosmetics, explains: “We didn’t want to just pay pennies to our affiliates,” says Darcey.

We want our affiliates to partner with us and share in our success. Our compensation model is built to empower them to share our products and vision of beauty.

At the same time, the Shine Cosmetics team wanted complete transparency about how those commissions were calculated so that their network of promoters would know exactly where they stood.

We wanted our people to be able to log in and know exactly what they had sold and earned, real time.

Further, the team also wanted a commission structure that they could customize to reward affiliates selling to friends and family as well as prominent social media influencers with thousands of followers.

With these requirements in mind, Shine Cosmetics started looking for a platform that could provide the backbone of this custom affiliate model. It would have to be easy to configure and use—and within their budget.

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The Solution

Fairly compensating brand promoters

Easy to Configure and Use

Darcey started by playing around with the platform and was immediately impressed with how easy it is to configure and use.

It’s so simple, you don’t need a developer to get it up and running. Our internal team was able to set it up without assistance.

Not only is LeadDyno easy for Darcey and her team to set up and configure, it’s also easy for affiliates to register and use. In fact, Darcey notes that most affiliates prefer it.

“A lot of our top earning affiliates love it because they’re already using it and appreciate the intuitive user interface,” says Darcey. “They know how it works, where to find the dashboard and how to build their unique links.” LeadDyno is also an essential part of Shine Cosmetics’ vetting process for new affiliates by bringing important controls to the backend.

When affiliates sign up, we do some due diligence. The LeadDyno platform allows us to have control over who is accepted into our program.

Managing Custom Commission Models

LeadDyno also has the flexibility and power to support Shine Cosmetics’ custom commission model, including tiers and referrals. For example, affiliates start with a set commission rate at the beginning of each month. But if they reach a certain level of sales volume during the month, they move up to a higher commission rate. This tiered commission structure energizes affiliates at the beginning of each month as they push to reach the higher level.

Our two-tier commission structure is an important part of compensating our affiliates above and beyond the norm. And I loved that we could do that with LeadDyno.

Shine Cosmetics is also using a custom commission structure to encourage affiliate referrals.

“If you bring someone into the program, you’re rewarded,” says Darcey. “And if your referral brings someone else in, you benefit as well. The referral program has lots of layers, but LeadDyno can handle it.”

Having a Voice in Development

Also important to Darcey is having a voice in the development of new LeadDyno features and functions. For example, after a few months of manually extracting certain information, Darcey decided to ask LeadDyno if it could build the extraction into the platform. To her amazement, LeadDyno took her request and ran with it.

“They put my request on the top of their development list and created it—benefiting not just me, but all LeadDyno customers,” says Darcey. “I appreciated that they were willing to listen to my suggestions and make improvements.”

Transparency Into Sales and Commissions

With LeadDyno, affiliates now have visibility into sales and commissions. All they have to do is log into their account via the LeadDyno dashboard.

People can see what they’re earning in real time and the commission they will be paid every Friday. The math couldn’t be more clear.

Integrations With Shopify and PayPal

Central to the success of implementing LeadDyno at Shine Cosmetics was its integration with Shopify and PayPal.

The PayPal integration makes paying commissions simple,” says Darcey. “And the integration with Shopify was essential.

The Results

With the help of LeadDyno, Shine Cosmetics is successfully managing over $1.6 million in affiliate sales every year.

At the same time, the company is generously compensating over 3,000 women for their affiliate sales, whether they’re promoting Shine Cosmetics to a close network of friends and family or a vast network of social media followers.

Shine Cosmetics is also happily paying out thousands in commission every week to its affiliates.

The volume of sales made by its team of network affiliates is also impressive, with many top affiliates personally generating over 30,000 affiliate driven transactions annually.

Today, Darcey remains a strong endorser of LeadDyno. “If you’re an ecommerce business using Shopify — and want seamless integration with a customizable, simple platform to manage your affiliate marketing program —LeadDyno is a great option,” says Darcey.

Darcey Wilde
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If you’re an ecommerce business using Shopify—and want seamless integration with a customizable, simple platform to manage your affiliate marketing program.

Darcey Wilde


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