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How LeadDyno’s Referral Tracking Helped Synergy Science Make $7.7 Million in Affiliate Sales


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Synergy Science is a health and wellness company specializing in Echo Antioxidant water™ and EMF protection products.

Anthony Raitani
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At its core, LeadDyno is a great way to track affiliates and leads. It lets us attribute referral purchases accurately and is a great way for affiliates to see their upcoming commissions. Their API has allowed us to build various custom integrations that we use to create the best experience possible.

Anthony Raitani

Senior Operations Coordinator

The Challenge

Tracking commissions in a complex structure

Synergy Science started with a network of Medical Professionals selling in their practices, and has grown continually year after year, selling antioxidant water and electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) protection products to thousands of wellness-minded customers. But as its success increased, so did the challenge of tracking and managing its affiliate sales. Initially, the only way they could identify a referral purchase was through telephone sales. 

“We would ask during the sale, and then the customer service rep would manually track and pay out the commission,” says Senior Operations Coordinator, Anthony Raitani. But as sales volume increased and ecommerce took off, they needed another solution. Anthony and a colleague began working to automate their referrals. They tried a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, but the tracking did not add up. 

“We could only attribute about 30% of the sales in a month,” he says. “We knew a lot more was happening, but our affiliate links just didn’t work and it was frustrating for everyone. Trust was being lost with our affiliates.” Unless a customer made their purchase directly on an affiliate’s landing page, the CRM platform link couldn’t track them or alert Synergy Science about the referral. It became even more time consuming to manage their commission payments.“We had to go find these purchases later and manually commission them. It was a big mess,” Anthony says.

With about 800 affiliates and two levels of recruitment, Anthony started looking for a more robust solution that could accommodate their complex reward structure.

We needed something that could track referral relationships and pay people through PayPal. We also needed something that could track the lead for a lifetime, which LeadDyno can do.

Not knowing yet how their affiliate program would evolve, Anthony looked for other options that would eliminate laborious manual tracking, scale effortlessly, and sync with Synergy Science’s custom tech stack to deliver a seamless partnership with his affiliate reps.

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The Solution

Tracking commissions in a complex structure

Reliable Tracking

Tried and true affiliate links that would capture referrals accurately across the web. “We needed something that could track referral relationships and pay people through PayPal. We also needed something that could track the lead for a lifetime, which LeadDyno can do,” he said.

Even with sales occurring on multiple web pages and complex commission rates that need to adjust as affiliates reach new levels, LeadDyno’s referral tracking remains rock-solid. That’s allowed Anthony and his team to grow their affiliate revenue with a complex, layered approach.

Without LeadDyno, we would have to custom-build our own affiliate tracking software and generate the reports ourselves. It would be months and months of work.

Accessible Data

Views of every sale and visibility for affiliates to see their upcoming earnings and tier progression. 

Synergy Science’s innovative tech stack includes a portal that gives affiliates visibility into their sales and progression through the recruitment levels and commission tiers.

“We’ve also built a resource library that’s hosted on our site, where we provide affiliates with tons of social content and emails. We have embedded their LeadDyno links in that page along with the content they can share,” Anthony says.

These customized tools pull data from the link tracking and performance reports provided by LeadDyno.

Custom Commissions

The flexibility to build bespoke commission tiers and recruitment levels.

LeadDyno is helping a ton. It’s one of the most heavily integrated things we have. We pull info from it and use it all the time, and we’ve done a ton of work using their links and API to increase our sales.

Recently, Synergy Science started leveraging its LeadDyno data in a new way, by running an affiliate sales contest.

“Using Tableau to visualize data from LeadDyno, we’ve generated a leaderboard for a competition. It will last eight months, and our affiliates can earn a trip to Cancun and get extra prizes when they reach certain tiers. They can see the leaderboard on our site.”

Compared to other tools, Anthony says that pulling the data from LeadDyno was easy.

Another custom application that Synergy Science built with its LeadDyno links is a personalized web experience that helps them manage wholesale partnerships.

You can set different affiliate types in LeadDyno, which we pull so we can change the pricing structure of our entire store.

"We generate special links for our wholesalers and dropshippers. When they use those links to enter our site and make their purchases, they see their wholesale pricing. It also lets us track our wholesale revenue separately from our affiliates,” Anthony says.

Easy Integrations

The ability to sync data and workflows with WooCommerce, PayPal Mass Pay, and custom-built solutions. Leveraging just a few of LeadDyno’s powerful features, Anthony enabled his team to build an efficient, commission-generating machine. “We’ve done thousands of hours of custom development and made a bunch of integrations using the LeadDyno API,” he says.

The Results

$7.7 Million in Affiliate Sales in 22 Months

Even though Synergy is managing over 1,500 affiliates in a complex commission structure that runs alongside wholesaler and dropshipping partnerships, LeadDyno’s rock-solid referral tracking allows them to quote their results with confidence.

Strictly through affiliates in LeadDyno, there have been 8,400 sales, and that equates to $7.7 million.

Compared to the old days when Synergy Science tracked referrals by hand, LeadDyno’s reliable links and accessible data have increased its attributed sales almost threefold and made it a breeze to manage the growth. "LeadDyno has saved us from endless frustrated affiliates calling in, saying that we missed commissions on their sales,” Anthony says.

The data visibility has also helped the company optimize its sales and marketing plans. “We can more easily focus on the high performers, give them more attention, and make more content based on what they’re asking for now that we can easily see what they’re bringing in,” Anthony explains.

Now that it finally has a fully functioning, automated system for tracking, updating, and releasing affiliate earnings, Synergy Science can easily reward and motivate its affiliates with its specialized progression of commission tiers and recruitment levels.

LeadDyno saves us the time of creating commission reports. We can just download the data to Excel and send it to PayPal. That’s been really helpful. It’s also been super easy to modify commissions and assign them to different people as well. The link tracking helped a lot with that.

For other companies looking for a robust referral tracking system, Anthony says that LeadDyno is an easy recommendation. “LeadDyno is the best affordable option to manage affiliates and leads. It has the pre-built backend that so many affiliates want and the business needs. And it’s built to scale, so we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel and build it all ourselves. This was absolutely worth the money!” he says.

Anthony Raitani
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Strictly through affiliates in LeadDyno, there have been 8,400 sales, and that equates to $7.7 million.

Anthony Raitani

Senior Operations Coordinator

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