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The fitness scene is always going to be a profitable niche to get involved in. With people looking to stay fit, bulk up, lose weight or those who are just about the fashion. Well, today we are going to focus on the folks that are trying to shed a few pounds. So stick with us and we will guide you towards becoming a member of the latest weight loss affiliate programs.

You don’t need to already know a great deal about weight loss products to promote them. The merchant websites will provide you with all the information you need to go about marketing their goods. We also do our best to briefly describe the benefits and uses of the products.

It would, however, be a great plus if you had an interest in weight loss. Because after all, you will be advising your own audience on ways and products that will help them to say goodbye to those love handles.

How you choose to market the products on these weight loss affiliate programs is entirely up to you. Perhaps you would like to promote them on your fitness blog or even through your social feed.

Whatever the method you choose to promote these weight loss products – here are the latest affiliate programs for losing weight.

Latest Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

We have included 2 of the latest weight loss products that you can start promoting today. They are offered by two separate merchants and short descriptions of the products are provided. If you wish to find out more, we have thoughtfully added links to the company websites.

If you decide you want to become a member of either of these weight loss affiliate programs, then click on the signup links provided. Registration is quick and simple.

Now let’s take a look at the first affiliate program. We especially like this one because it’s coffee!

Weight Loss Coffee (20% Commission)

28 Day Weight Loss ManagementAny reason to drink coffee and I’m sippin’. Skinnea Coffee gave me an exciting new reason to continue to indulge in my love for coffee.

How exciting do increased metabolism and faster weight loss sound?

Well, with their 28-day weight loss supply made from 100% Brazilian Arabica Coffee with six supercharged organic weight loss ingredients, we will be sexy and skinny.

With less than four calories per serving, who wouldn’t love Skinnea Coffee?

Affiliates – grab your brew and let’s start promoting this amazing weight loss product. Start earning 20% commission on each sale after becoming an affiliate of Skinnea Coffee.

Next up on our latest weight loss affiliate programs list is one with a gorgeous commission rate. Take a look at the amazing supplements they are selling to help lose weight.

Weight Loss Supplement (40% Commission)

Sizzle Slim - Weight Loss Supplement

The biggest weight loss temptation is food. You might be able to succeed at starving yourself for a few days, but when hunger comes in like an angry flood, you’re screwed.

Binge! Chocolates, pizza, burgers and so much junk food galore.

If you’re able to control your relationship with food, you’re on the road to winning.

Sizzle Nutrition will help you win with their dietary supplement, Sizzle Slim.

These capsules will help you eat less, burn more fat and help you achieve your weight loss goals – without starving!

Whoop! There is hope for us.

Affiliates – if you want to supplement your income through earning a generous 40% commission on sales, then get the ball rolling by applying now to become an affiliate of Sizzle Nutrition.


There you have it – a quick update on the latest products you can promote in the weight loss niche. If you wish you read about other fitness related affiliate programs, then read this.

However, should you be interested to explore other avenues, then you will probably find our Niche Ideas article to be a great read.

Now just in case you didn’t already know – we release fresh guides every week. We will teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and share with you the best and latest affiliate programs that you can join.

So make sure you stay connected! We will see you soon!

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