Affiliate Marketing Best Practices - Webinar Series

 We are thrilled to introduce a three part webinar series – perfect for those who are interested in affiliate marketing, new to 
managing an affiliate program, or simply looking to add a few more best practices to their repertoire. 

5 Best Practices for Promoting Your Affiliate Program Webinar

Join us April 20th at 1pm EST and learn how to promote your affiliate program, check out the agenda:

  • Building a Strong Relationship with Your Affiliates
  • Providing High-Quality Marketing Materials
  • Offering Competitive Commission Rates
  • Utilizing Multiple Channels for Promotion
  • Monitoring and Optimize Performance¬†

How to Protect Your Affiliate Program From Fraud Webinar

Join us May 18th at 1pm EST and learn how to protect your affiliate program from fraud, check out the agenda:

  • Types of Affiliate Fraud
  • The Impact of Affiliate Fraud Over a Business
  • Signs of Possible Affiliate Fraud
  • Ways of Preventing Affiliate Fraud

To watch past webinars please head over to our Youtube channel.

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