How To: Verify Affiliate Website Using Google Webmaster Tools

GWT or Google Webmaster Tools is the primary tool used by Google to communicate with webmasters. This incredibly helpful tool identifies issues with your site and informs if the site has been infected with malware.

Signing up for Google Webmasters is probably the smartest decision website owners make, especially those running an affiliate management program.

What is the best part about using Google Webmaster Tools? It’s absolutely free! The tools are a great help for website owners when it comes to verifying your affiliate website. We will discuss how this is done in detail.

Verifying Your Affiliate Website on Google Webmaster Tools

You will have to verify that you are an authorized representative of the website in order to gain access to any data on the site.

This is the first step towards affiliate marketing and is done through a process of verification. There are 5 main verification methods, each with varying degrees of complexity. There are:

  • The HTML File Upload
  • HTML Tag
  • Domain Name Provider
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics

First Step – Sign into Your Google Webmaster Account

Make an account if you don’t have one. Then sign in and click on add site. Now add your own website address. The tool will ask verification of the website, the easiest of which is highlighted below:

HTML File Upload

This is the process where you’ll have to upload file in your website root directory for verification purposes with Google Webmaster tools. This verification process is also an alternative and easier method; therefore you will have to switch it to alternative methods.

Take a look at the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Click on HTML File Upload
  • Download its verification file
  • Login your website’s cPanel >> file manager >>
  • Upload the above file in the public_html directory

Using the Google Webmaster tool instruct, click on the provided link to confirm upload and then click again to verify. The entire verification process will take less than a minute when using this Google Webmaster tool.

Website Verification with Google Analytics

You can also use Google Analytics for affiliate website verification. It is one of the easiest methods and requires users to simply match their website domain with registered ones.

Using this website verification method hardly takes more than a few seconds. Additionally, you won’t need to edit files or play with the code. The only drawback is: users will have to first register their site with Google Analytics.

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