The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram for Your Affiliate Marketing Program!

Instagram is a unique social media platform. Interestingly enough, when people think of marketing on Instagram, they don’t think ads, they think influencers.

It’s clear that marketing on Instagram is a different beast but exactly how much different is it and how can affiliate marketers benefit from it? Let’s find out!

Why Use Instagram for Affiliate Marketing?

Instagram crossed the 1 billion monthly users mark this year which is absolutely insane considering that they crossed 800 million just last year in September. The Instagram user database isn’t even the most impressive aspect in terms of affiliate marketing.

Instagram beats the likes of Facebook and Twitter in terms of engagement rate. Yes! It’s the social media platform with the highest engagement rate and that’s why affiliate marketing via Instagram is a billion-dollar industry today!

Influencer marketing sector is expected to be a ten-billion-dollar industry in just two years. The best part and perhaps the main driving factor of Influencer success is that companies love the results they are getting from collaborating with influencers.

94% of businesses find this marketing tactic to be highly effective. If you’re familiar with online marketing, that’s an astonishingly high success rate. So how exactly will you find these Instagram influencers that will take your online sales to the next level? We’ve got you!

Finding The Right Instagram Influencers!

Finding the right Instagram marketers is the key to achieving success in this process. Social media influencers have built their reputation on gaining their audience’s trust, at least the more legit and successful ones have.

Trusted By The Audience

When you’re doing your due diligence on them, make sure that the audience trusts the influencer. Attaching your business to a “bad” influencer could seriously hurt your image. Follower count isn’t nearly as important as their reputation, even though it is important.

Follower Count

Your influencers should have follower counts in between 2,000 to 15,000. Why? Known as the micro-influencers, they may have fewer followers, but their audience is more engaged than the millions of casual fans celebrities have on Instagram.

A survey showed that micro-influencers have a double like rate as compared to macro-influencers.

Feed In-Line With Your Brand

Hopefully, by this time your options are down to a few so to make the final choice, focus on their feed. Does your product fits into the narrative they’ve built on Instagram? If yes, then you’re good to go. Just make sure your products wouldn’t seem out of place on their feeds.

Finding The Right Marketers with LeadDyno

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to tap into an affiliate marketing network where you can easily find and communicate with the desired people. With LeadDyno, you get exactly that!

LeadDyno offers the best affiliate marketing platform that gets you instant access to the affiliate network. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial or reach out to us to find out how we can help you!

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