Track your Affiliate Marketing Ads – Use Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate tracking software is commonly used by marketers to track the performance of their ads. Knowing how each of the ads performs can help your business save time and money.

Continuing to post ads without gauging their performance can often lead to disaster. You might be wasting your resources on the less meaningful areas and missing out on the more important ones. It is therefore essential to track the performance of your ads very specifically. You will want to consider factors like

  • How many people saw the ad
  • How many clicked on it
  • How many ended up purchasing something from your website.

There are numerous ways to track the performance of ads and the most popular method is affiliate tracking software. This software accurately provides details necessary to measure the performance of your ad, which can in turn be used to set the direction for various marketing efforts.

Let us look at the most commonly used methods of tracking ads. There are both free and paid methods. But it is evident that the services offered by the free ones are no match to paid services.

Tracking Script

A tracking script, usually PHP/MySQL, provides the feature of creating and managing all affiliate links. It also helps in tracking performance for each one. The tracking is done through a local server and the data is often password protected.

Free Tracking Software

Free tracking software can help you track some information. These work by tracking each affiliate link using customized, shortened URLs. Although these do offer free services, they are severely limited in nature and do not offer variety in their services.

Paid Tracking Software

There are various online tracking software solutions providers. This software is often considered as the ultimate tracking solution. It provides a variety of tools that ensure accurate and timely tracking of all marketing activities such as affiliate efficiency and performance of ads. These types of software are often available online and you will need to pay for their services only for the months you use them.

We are one of the best affiliate tracking software providers. We offer a broad range of services catering to affiliate tracking. We are one of the very few affiliate software solutions providers who feature the state-of-the-art Affiliate Dashboard that allows users to view and analyze all information efficiently and effortlessly.

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