Top 10 Affiliate Programs

An affiliate network acts as a bridge between online publishers and merchants. Merchants create products while publishers are affiliate marketers who sell the products. The best affiliate networks ensure that the relationship between publishers and merchants moves forward in a smooth and professional manner.

Here is a list of the top 10 affiliate programs of 2017:


With an experience over 17 years its products have grossed over 6 million. With potential customers at 200 million, Clickbank is considered one of the best affiliate networks in the world.

Rakuten (previously

With 90,000 products, 38,500 shop owners and a base of 18 million customers, Rakuten has earned its place among the top 3 e-commerce firms at the world stage.

One of its properties is the model site, Rakuten Ichiba. It is the largest site in the world by sales and the largest e-commerce site in Japan.

Amazon Associates

Located in Seattle, Amazon doesn’t need an introduction.

As the largest internet retailer in the United States, it allows users to tap into more than a million products.


Being in the business for over 15 years, Shareasale has made a reputation of being an honest and fair business. Their technology has received wide recognition for providing high speed connections. The company is renowned as an efficient affiliate marketing network.


Backed by a cloud platform, Avangate focuses on online commerce. It also provides global payments for software, Saas and subscription billing. With over 4000 digital businesses in 180 countries, Avangate has clients like Bitdefender, Hp Software, Kaspersky Lab, CleverControl and Spyrix.


Being online for more than 20 years, eBay has its own affiliate network. The network provides first class tracking, reporting and reliable tools to connect merchants with potential buyers.


Flexoffers seeks to build a mutually profitable link between well trusted publishers and skilled merchants. The network has an experience of over 10 years in the industry. With a variety of optimized data delivery tools, it provides fast and dependable payments. With over 5000 popular advertisers, the firm is all over the globe.


The company is the leading technology platform for affiliate referrals. It constantly keeps upgrading and updating its network. Preferring quality over quantity, it utilizes new tools and technology in order to gain an edge in the cut-throat industry.


Being a CPA marketing network, Adcombo uses its own in-house technology. This allows the users and clients to customize advertising campaigns. It further enables them to choose their own target audience.

The company encourages partnerships between advertisers and publishers. This helps in monetizing the traffic on their channels. The firm has offices in 5 cities around the globe.


The online network specializes in owned and operated campaigns for insurance and financial verticals. Their advertisement campaigns focus on both US and international markets.

When running online campaigns, it provides flexibility in different integrations. They also provide a flexible payment plan. The company offers advertising partners to a network of over 2000 platform and takes pride in being a reliable and transparent firm.

Which one should you opt for?

When using affiliate networking for the first time, you should select a credible affiliate marketing platform  that will enable you to monetize your blog easily and quickly.

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