Tech Affiliate Programs – What’s Hot This Fall

Affiliate Commissions for Fashionable Solar Energy, Anti-Tangle Headphones & Print Your Mind 3D

I’m writing today to share three new Computers & Tech affiliate programs with you that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate.

These are all high quality products worthy of you sharing on your website and in your social media channels. Plus, they boast great affiliate programs and will pay you generous sales commissions for your efforts!

Fashionable Solar Energy for an Energetic 20% Commission

Sometimes being “green” is a mission and is not always convenient and “cool” looking. Unlike conventional solar mobile devices, the Solsol Hat just took solar energy to a whole new level and made it look pretty sleek. Solsol Hat offers a range of fashionable 100% solar powered hats that will charge just about any mobile device including your iPhone, iPad and GoPro. These hats work without batteries and are able to output up to an impressive 5 volts of energy – efficiently charging your mobile devices when you’re on the go.

Solsol hats are priced at $69.95 and affiliates can earn an energetic 20% commission off sales.

Anti-Tangle Headphones for 20% Commission – Sounds Great!

The headphone tangle struggle is real. We’ve all been there, more often than we realize. Whether its when we’re on that trip, go for that jog, or at the gym – getting our headphones tangled, lost or broken along the way is a mysterious struggle because no matter how hard we try to keep them together they always end up tangled. Struggle no more thanks to Wraps Wristband Headphones.

These cool headphones allow you to wrap them around your wrist when you’re not using them and you’ll never tangle or lose your headphones again. Not only is this great for no more tangles, but these headphones transform into a stylish and comfortable bracelet when worn. Let’s not forget to mention that these headphones output great sound too.

Available in vibrant colours made with anti-tangle fabric, the Wraps Wristband Headphones are priced from $21.99 to $38.99 and affiliates can earn a commission of 20%. Sounds great, doesn’t it? See what we did there 😉

Print Your Mind 3D for $100 Commission

3D printing allows ordinary people, like you and me, to have the creative ability to make things that would under normal circumstances be impossible for us to make without qualified technical experts. From a small local 3D company, Print Your Mind 3D is now servicing all of Canada’s 3D printing needs.

With a variety of 3D printers and accessories, Print Your Mind 3D offers a 1 year manufacturers warrantee assuring you that you are buying nothing less than quality.

3D printers are priced from CAD1,655 and affiliates earn a commission of $100 for every print sold.

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