3 New Nifty Product Affiliate Programs (up to 30% commission)

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Let’s get physical!  Today it is all about physical product affiliate programs. These are the latest must have products on the market. The buyers are out there, but they are waiting for you to start promoting these products.

Here is what’s on the agenda for todays’ brand new product affiliate programs:

  • Women’s self-defense combo pack (30% commish)
  • $1 bargains (5% commish)
  • Self-massage tools (10% commish)

Latest Product Affiliate Programs

Women’s Self-Defense Combo Pack for 30% Commission

Zen Tactical - Women's Self Defense Combo Pack

Every woman can relate to having fear of being a victim to crime. Ladies, what would you do if you were attacked? How would you get yourself out of danger? It’s unpleasant to think of never mind experience. But as you know the saying that you’re better safe than sorry.

However, now women can get safe and equipped with the Women’s Self-Defense Combo Pack. It is perfect for women of all ages and with no martial arts training. Therefore, act now and empower yourself to protect yourself.

But guess what else? Affiliates can earn a chunky commission of 30% on sales! So wouldn’t you say, that’s a no-brainer?

$1 Bargains for 5% Commission - Products at Bargain Prices

Anything involving $1 bargains and up to 75% off makes my eyes bulge out in excitement. If you have such an excitement too, then will satisfy your bargain shopping needs.

You’ll find a wide range of products from toys, games, baby products, home, kitchen, beauty, personal care, jewelry, books, movies and so much more. All at deals you won’t be able to resist.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on sales.

Self-Massage Tools for 10% Commission

Self-Massage Tools - Product Affiliate Programs

What if you could get a massage every day? Or at least whenever you needed it? The luxuries of life. Sometimes all you need is a back massage and miraculously, all your life problems are gone. Thanks to the Body Back Company, you can get the best self-massage tools.

From only $33.95, you can get trigger point therapy devices which work to focus on hyperirritable points. It provides a framework to work and relieves tension in these points. So go ahead and get this, along with other useful massage tools to give you a healthier back and a happier you.

Furthermore, specific to the affiliate marketer, each sale will give you a lovely 10% commission. So why wait?

Are you a merchant looking to start up your very own affiliate program for your business? Then we invite you to read our latest tips on how to manage an effective affiliate marketing program.

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