Pro Tips To Boost Affiliate Income On Your Blog

You manage your own blog. It’s something you’re passionate about. However, some bloggers have successfully managed to turn their passion for blogging into a business platform, with potential of immense profits. Affiliate marketing can be quite lucrative, provided you use the right strategies. Here are a few pro tips to boost your affiliate income on your blog:

There Is More To It Than The Sidebar

The most common issue with under-monetized blogs is sticking to those sidebar ads. While they look awesome and 125 x 125 is enough to attract the right eyes, it wouldn’t work for everyone.

In fact, many affiliate marketers argue that sidebar ads don’t drive as many sales as other advertisement strategies. If this is the only method to advertising you use, it is time to change it!

Try Out Split Testing On Display Ads

Display ads should always be tested to check their efficiency. You can do this by rotating ads through the various plugins available online. Assign each an SID code and check which ones do better than others. Merchants will continue to provide you with display ad options but not all of them are as effective.

At times, changing display ads might just be the thing you need to start rolling top dollar!

Recommend Relevant Products To Audience

You might come across recipe blogs with display ads for financial consultancies on the side—totally irrelevant. The company might be relevant to the blog owner but is certainly useless for the target audience. Recipe blogs should rather recommend appliances or maybe even cookbooks.

At the same time, the sidebar doesn’t need to have direct relevance to your product. If your audience includes mostly married women, you could direct them to interior decoration companies or blogs.

Never Underestimate The Power Of SEO

We are not asking you to be an uber aggressive SEO professional, but your blog should be covered when it comes to the basics of SEO.

As you continue to work, you will develop authority and links—combine that with a good on page SEO strategy and you will be able to make good money.

While affiliate marketing is largely about generating profits, don’t skimp out on the essence of marketing. You need to have an affiliate program that actually addresses a problem and helps solve it. This is how you will be able to multiply income in the long run. It’s about credibility and having an authentic voice!

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