3 Pet Care Affiliate Programs That Pet Influencers Can Join

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This one is for all you animal bloggers and pet influencers out there. We know that we have been depriving you of your cute pet-related posts. So this latest post will focus on our top 3 recommended Pet Care Affiliate Programs. The following programs are offered by merchants within our very own affiliate network.

If you have your own e-commerce store or even if you offer any kind of services on your website – you too can set up your very own affiliate program.

Now, for those of you interested in promoting pet care products – whether it be on your pet review blog or your Facebook feed – carry on reading.

Pet Care Affiliate Programs for Pet Influencers

Here is a little peek at the programs that you can register with today…

  • Farm Supplies (10% Commish)
  • Hemp for Pets (30% Commish)
  • The Ultimate Pet Grooming Glove (20% Commish)

And after you have explored these newest pet care affiliate programs, we have an awesome bonus that we know both owners and pets will love!

  • BONUS Affiliate Program
    Cool Products for Pets & Owners (30% Commish)

Farm Supplies for 10% Commission

Farm Supplies by Heritage Acres Market

Is the farm life where your heart is? Being outdoors, attending to animals and crops just seems more rewarding to one’s well-being I think. If you’re a farmer at heart, then Heritage Acres Market will help you fulfill all your farming supply needs.

Heritage Acres Market is a family run farm that supplies all you need to start and run a farm. Get products for bees & hives; poultry; education; apparel; and so much more.

This is definitely the ideal affiliate marketing opportunity for all you farmers. Start affiliating with Heritage Acres Market and earn 10% on every sale you bring their way.

Hemp for Pets for 30% Commission

Hemp Extracts | Pet Health Products

News flash. Hemp seed oil is not only great for humans but pets can enjoy its benefits too. Click on over to HempMy Pet and check out their range of organic hemp infused products that work amazing results for your pet’s health. They help with pain management, inflammation, overall health and many other common ailments.

You’ll be sold on the product testimonials – from veterinarians to pet owners experiencing positive results. So go on and hemp your pet up.

Now, influencers, this would surely be a significant boost to your income stream. These guys at HempMy Pet are offering an amazing 30% commission to all their affiliates whos leads end up converting. You’d be hemp’in crazy not to register as an affiliate.

The Ultimate Pet Grooming Glove for 20% Commission

Ultimate Pet Grooming GloveI can’t deal with my own hair shedding nevermind my pet’s. Fur E-V-E-R-Y-WHERE. It can get quite overwhelming if you have a high maintenance type of breed. To help take care of your pet’s fur business, The Hairy Pet has the ultimate grooming glove.

This nifty glove works deep in and will track up large clumps of hair – this is the perfect de-shedding treatment. It’s washable and durable – oh and it’s only $8.99!

Last up for our suggested pet care affiliate programs will see pet marketers earn a healthy 20% commission on all sales under their belts. Simply be one of the first to register as an affiliate of The Hairy Pet to start earning now.

BONUS Affiliate Marketing Program

Here’s a company that sells awesome pet apparel that we thought would be fun to include in today’s line-up.

Cool Products for Pets & Owners for 30% Commission

Pets Design Apparel

What would your life be like without your pet? Unimaginable – nothing can compare to the love, comfort, companionship, and loyalty that your pet gives you. For the love of living life with your pet, you’ll find cool products for both you and your pet from Love Pet Apparel by Furry Fashionista.

From stylish harnesses to quirky tees, these would make adorable and loved gifts for any pet parent.

Not just great products for their customers, but Love Pet Apparel also offer their registered affiliates a whopping 30% in commission on sales!

Now that’s a wrap!

Three brilliant affiliate programs with useful pet care products and also a bonus program that’s fun for owners, pets, and pet influencers!

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