Navigating Your Way Through LeadDyno – The Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there all you lovely people.

Ever since we launched our latest version of LeadDyno, LeadDyno 3.0, we’ve been receiving all sorts of questions from our new and old customers (and people interested in trying our software) about the different features, tools and options available as part of the update and the platform in general.

So we decided to compile all the questions in this blog (lies, we couldn’t do it all – but we can promise we’ve included the ones that were being asked quite frequently) and answer them one by one to help you navigate your way through LeadDyno.

What do you say, shall we get started?

Question #1: I have an ecommerce store, but not built on one of those popular platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce. Will LeadDyno work with my ecommerce store?

This is the most common question that we are asked by customers who are interested in trying out LeadDyno, but aren’t sure about the software’s integration capabilities.

Yes, LeadDyno has been programmed to work with most types of ecommerce stores which include Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Etsy, Infusionsoft, WordPress, Squarespace and more.

Question #2: Can I customize my affiliate homepage, and if so, how can I do that?

For those of you who don’t know what affiliate homepage is, well basically, it’s the landing page your affiliates or future affiliates get directed to when they wish to login their affiliate account or want to sign up to your affiliate program.

And yes, it’s completely customizable.

You can customize your affiliate homepage by clicking on the Affiliate Content tab present on the left of your dashboard.

It lets you change your logo, description of home page and everything else to add your own touch to your affiliate homepage.

Question #3: I can’t find my affiliate homepage URL that I’ll be sharing with my affiliates. Where can I locate it?

To locate your affiliate homepage URL, click on the Settings tab on your dashboard. Next, click on General Account Info and under the Your Account Info heading, you’ll see your affiliate homepage URL listed.

Question #4: What are the new features that have been added to LeadDyno’s latest update?

The new update to LeadDyno carries many new and useful features, introduced with the intent to help you and your affiliates get more from their affiliate marketing campaigns. These include but are not limited to support for PayPal MassPay, integration with HubSpot marketing platform, affiliate analytics feature etc.

You can learn more about these new additions by clicking here.

Question #5: I am having problem tracking the source of purchases. How do I know which customer has come from which source?

To answer that, let’s look at the Purchase page. You can do so by clicking on Latest Purchases, present at the bottom right corner of your dashboard. Here’s a snippet:

The first column basically lists the product code that was purchased. The second column lists the date on which the purchase was made. The third column lists the email address of the customer who bought your product. The fourth column lists the source through which the purchase was made.

Do you have any other question not answered in this post?

Feel free to reach out; our support team will be happy to serve you.

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