Lifeblood of an Affiliate Program: Tips for Recruiting Affiliates

Mere implementation of an affiliate system doesn’t guarantee its success and accomplishment. If you wish to have a genuine, thrifty and dependable affiliate marketing program, it’s imperative to recruit affiliates that will be honest, authentic and dedicated towards promoting your software actively.

Recruiting the finest and top-notch affiliates is however, easier said than done. Knowing that choosing the right affiliates is the key to flow blood to the heart to ensure that it keeps pumping, here are some really useful tips that can help you recruit the right affiliates for your products/services:

Advertise for Affiliates

Just as pay-per-click advertising is used to attract visitors to a website, you can make use of the same marketing technique to pull in the attention of affiliates for your affiliate marketing software. You can bid for keywords, terms or phrases that relate to affiliates and affiliate marketing in order to effectively utilize this tool.

Become an Active Participant of Affiliate Forums

There are a wide number of ongoing forums that are pertinent to affiliates and affiliate marketing in general. By participating in such forums, you can find a lot of successful and competent affiliate marketers as they mostly become an active part of such enriching forums to remain competitive and on top of the game. A tip to attract affiliates here is leaving your affiliate program’s link in the forum signature as doing so will definitely draw attention.

Track Down Super-Affiliates

For those who are not aware, super-affiliates are the top performing affiliates that are in high demand. They have not only mastered the art and concept of affiliate marketing and management, but also are also capable of generating whopping amounts of revenues for merchants they find attractive. Typically, super-affiliates are willing to work for two kinds of affiliate programs: one, where the affiliate program already has a high conversion rate (to meet their standard); two, where the merchant is ready and willing to pay a handsome percentage share of revenue. Moreover, if super-affiliates find that a certain program is not performing up to their standards, they will drop it instantly. So, if you have some really amazing terms and conditions to offer to them, it makes sense to approach them.

Perform a Competitive Analysis

Before channeling your efforts, perform a thorough competitor analysis and see which affiliates are promoting your competitors’ products and services. Once you scan them, try to contact them directly. Give them enough perks and benefits to leave the competitors’ affiliate program and become a part of yours. This is a great way to benefit from an established vendor.

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