How to Promote Your Brand to Influencers Worldwide:
Practical Guide

Influencers are like a Redbull.

Need to give your marketing a power boost?  Tap into the universe of influencers to get your campaign flying.

And no need to fatigue yourself out by trying to figure influencer marketing all out on your own.

Especially when our latest partnership with Afluencer will help get your brand out there to the world of influencers.

Ready to learn how to promote your brands to influencers worldwide?  This is the guide to have on your fingertips.

So, first, let’s set the foundation to getting your brand promoted.

Then, let’s get your brand flying in the influencer space.

Create an Influencer Program

  • Have a Product or Service That’s Worth Promoting

Before we get any influencer activity started, you need to address your worthiness of influencer promotion.  This is so important, yet often overlooked and probably rarely highlighted.

Seeking influencers is like seeking employees for your company.

You are having people peek at your brand and they’re checking out if what you offer is interesting enough for them to make an effort and promote.

So, have your product or service looking great if you want to attract the interest of influencers.

  • Determine Your Influencer Requirements

Before you’re quick to require your influencers to have 1 million followers in order to qualify for your program, start with basic profile requirements first.  Especially if this is your first time collaborating with influencers. Things like content and audience relevance should matter more.

For example, if your brand sells baby products, you probably want to connect with influencers that are parents and have family audiences.  Having a college influencer that’s all about festival-hopping may not be very useful to your brand in this case.

Also, other requirement considerations would be the type of social media platforms that your target influencers have coverage on.  If you’re looking to get tutorial video coverage on YouTube, for example, you probably want to connect with influencers that have a YouTube channel and have the video creation capabilities that fit your content needs.

After you develop some experience with collaborating with influencers, you’ll learn more about the needs of your brand and you can filter influencer requirements further.

Your influencer marketing requirements should strike a delicate balance of both quality and quantity.

  • Set Your Influencer Reward System

Again, always keep in mind that you need to attract influencers in when you’re setting up your influencer program.  Influencers need to be motivated to put in the work to promote your brand. It needs to be worthwhile for them.

Motivated influencers will be enthusiastic about your brand.  And that’s the energy you need in the collaboration.

If the effort required for your influencers to promote your product or service is easily doable, offering a commission on sales (if sales is your goal) should suffice.  Keep in mind that the commission should be attractive. Offering 0.33% commission probably isn’t going to cut it.

If the promotion activities get complex, such as you require your influencers to attend events, then you need to advance your reward system.

Your way of rewarding influencers should be reflective of the value gained from them.

Offering free products, cash payouts, exclusive influencer discounts and media exposure are more ways to reward your influencers.

  • Have an Easy Application Process

This is a pretty straightforward step, especially once you have all of the above in order.

An ideal way to make the influencer application process smooth for everyone involved, is to have a dedicated page on your website that contains all your program information as well as an online form for your influencers to complete.

Here’s a summary of what should be on your influencer program web page:

  1. An overview of your brand and the products or services you offer.
  2. Influencer requirements.
  3. Influencer benefits.
  4. Set an application response expectation.
  5. Include an online form with fields to gather all the data that you require from influencers.


Get Your Influencer Program Featured on Afluencer

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  • Submit Your Brand for Coverage

Afluencer is a gold mine for influencers – ‘cause that’s where they search for brands to partner with.  Influencers are always on the hunt for new products and services to promote to their followers.

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  • Boost Your Brand Exposure to the Right Influencers

Getting your brand featured on Afluencer is a good start to your exposure into the influencer universe.

Want more gains?

If you can get on top of the coverage list in your category and reach your influencer audience with speed, you bet your brand will be buzzing all over the internet.

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Start Collaborating

Once your influencer program is reaching massive audiences, your inbox will be popping with influencer applications.

This means that you’ve won the interested of influencers.  Congratulations.

You’ll need to filter through influencers that are an ideal match for your brand.

What next?

Get your influencer campaign started:

  1. Set your goal for your influencer campaign.
  2. Have an influencer agreement in place.
  3. Resource your influencers with all they need to promote your products or services.
  4. Monitor and measure your influencer campaign performance.
  5. Engage with your influencers on a regular basis to get feedback and restrategize if necessary.
  6. Optimize your campaign.

This is just a high level summary of getting your influencer campaign started.  If you’d like an in-depth guide, check out How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign: A 7-Step Guide.


Now, you’re all equipped and ready to get your brand promoted through power boosting effect of influencers.

All you need to do is get your influencer program created, get featured with boosted coverage on Afluencer and then get your influencer campaign started.

Ready to get your brand flying?

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