Influencer Marketing 101:
How to Get Started

When You’re a One Man Band

When you’re running it all on your own, it can be a pricey risk – especially when you’re learning and experimenting along the way.

Oh and especially when you have no freaking clue about what you’re doing.

Look, unless you have thousands of dollars that you wouldn’t mind losing, you can’t just wing it and expect to become an e-commerce millionaire in an instant.

How Influencer Marketing Services Can Solve Your Marketing Problems

Success in e-commerce is a numbers game. The more people you reach, the more conversions you’ll make. But it all comes down to reaching the right people.

Yeah, between you and your Facebook ads, you could try to reach the right audience. But it’s a gamble that takes time and costs money. However, influencer marketing services can get you further, faster.

Do you see now how influencer marketing services will solve your most challenging marketing problems?

Yeah, but what next?

How do I get cracking on this influencer marketing stuff?

Relax, you don’t need to figure it out on your own.

Save yourself the stress and outsource it all to an influencer marketing agency – or something to that effect. We’ll get into it further in this post.

An influencer marketing agency offers various influencer marketing services for brands that will relieve you of a lot of the work, but most importantly, drive the results that your business needs.

So let’s talk more about this.

An influencer marketing company may not be the first thing that comes to mind – well at least not the one we’re about to talk about. LeadDyno is an example of such a company. LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing company that can help you with your influencer marketing.

Affiliate marketing? What does that have to do with influencer marketing? Well, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are perfect companions.

See, having an affiliate marketing strategy can open your brand up to a world of influencers – especially with LeadDyno. Once you become a subscribed merchant, your affiliate program will be listed on their E-Commerce Affiliates network that reaches thousands of targeted influencers.

Influencers love affiliate programs. It allows them to easily promote relevant products and services but also it allows them to conveniently earn commissions.

So the long and the short of it is that with an affiliate marketing company such as LeadDyno, you will hit two birds with one stone. You’ll not only reach valuable influencers but you’ll also have a smart affiliate program running to help manage promotions and commission payouts to your influencers.

The advantage of using an influencer marketing company such as LeadDyno is that you only pay influencers a commission on sales. So this is friendly on the pocket and requires no huge investment.

Influencer Marketing Agency

The next option available to you is hiring an influencer marketing agency. And yes, as you may have already guessed, it does come with a healthy price tag. But you can bet that you’ll get value for what you pay for.

An influencer marketing agency has many pros. You will access expert staff that is qualified and experienced in influencer marketing. They’ll create your entire strategy for you and they’ll execute it.

Not only that, but an influencer marketing agency has a network of quality influencers across diverse niches. They know who best to plug your brand in with – from category to demographics. They get laser focussed on influencer targeting. Plus they naturally have great relationships with their influencers – so plugging into their world will get you all of these benefits.

Another advantage of using an influencer marketing agency is that they are performance driven – they have set targets that they are measured against and held accountable for.

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