How To Use YouTube to Recruit Affiliates & Get Product Reviews

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With over two billion logged-in viewers per month, YouTube is one of the most popular web outlets. It’s a top target for marketers eager to find ways of reaching their desired audience. Influencers make money through the YouTube Partnering Program (YPP). Channels with at least 4,000 views over the past 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers qualify to join. 

Once they’re in, influencers make money by allowing advertisements to air during their videos. While the ad revenue earned through YouTube is a good way to make money, it’s always good to diversify income streams. That’s why it’s the perfect recruiting ground for you to find potential affiliates. This guide should help if your business is trying to figure out how to recruit affiliates on YouTube.

How Can You Use YouTube to Recruit Affiliates? 

The first thing you have to do is start researching potential YouTube members to see if they would be a good fit for your affiliate program. When learning how to find affiliates, focus on influencers who would be a natural fit for your products. 

For example: If you sell fitness wear, you’d want to recruit YouTube members with channels within that niche. A beauty company would want influencers who create Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos or other content that features beauty products. 

Once you create a list of potential members, reach out to them and gauge their interest in joining your affiliate program. You can follow these steps:

  • First, make it clear that you’re interested in having them join your YouTube affiliate program and promote your products.
  • Next, provide them with examples of what you’d like the potential member to promote. Offer to send them a free copy of the product or sign them up for a service so they can explore the benefits for themselves.
  • Finally, have a package prepared that clearly explains what they can earn and other benefits of becoming one of your affiliate partners. 

What Kind of Content Should Your YouTube Affiliates Produce?

Provide clear guidance to your affiliate program members about the kind of content you’d like to see. Outline the objectives and goals you’ve set for your company and how members can help you achieve those targets. Provide affiliates with branding to use in logos, keywords, and more. You want consistency among all the members of your program to boost your company’s profile. 

Consider the following video types. They have been shown to be effective for affiliate marketers.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are an excellent way for your affiliates to promote your products by highlighting their benefits to viewers. Encourage your affiliates to try certain products out for themselves. That lends an air of authenticity to their content. 

The stats show that product reviews influence 67% of consumer purchasing decisions. Being honest about their use of the products builds their credibility with the viewing audience and your brand. Ask your affiliates to encourage viewers to create product reviews featuring your products. They can also encourage them to leave reviews on your company’s website or other feedback platforms. 

If you do have some new products that haven’t yet made it to market, offer them to your affiliates for free and have them try them live. Unboxing videos involve creators opening a package containing a new product, then trying them out and providing an on-the-spot review for their audience. Viewers get the chance to see the product in action. 

How-To Videos

Have your YouTube affiliate members create videos showing your products in action. The best how-to videos are extremely informative and provide solid recommendations to viewers who want to try that product out for themselves.

For example: If you sell paint, have your partner create a video of them painting a room using your product.  

Best-of Videos

Best-of videos involve your affiliate members creating a highlight reel consisting of past reviews they’ve done for your company’s products. They burnish your YouTube affiliate partner’s expert credentials and remind viewers about the array of services and products available from your business.  

Where Should Affiliate Program Members Place Links?

Affiliate members should look for places to showcase affiliate links other than the middle of videos. Encourage your YouTube partners to write creative video descriptions that include your affiliate links. The description should be compelling enough to draw the viewer’s eye and hopefully generate a conversion. 

If your members promote their videos on other social media outlets, they should include affiliate links. They can add them to Facebook posts made to promote a new YouTube video. YouTubers can also mention an affiliate tracking code for your website while they’re in a video. The video description can also double as a discount code for their audience to use in your shop. 

How Can You Maintain Your YouTube Affiliate Program?

You should oversee your YouTube partners the same way you would other network affiliates. Here are some tips to keep your affiliate program fresh and thriving:

  • Communicate the rules they should follow as a member of the program.
  • Don’t hesitate to take action if you feel that a member affiliate is behaving in a way that’s detrimental to your company’s reputation. 
  • Keep track of how well their videos perform in generating sales or other conversions for your business.
  • Stay in contact with them to get a sense of how they’re doing.

For more helpful tips check out our affiliate recruitment guide. Using affiliate tracking software will help you maintain your affiliate program. LeadDyno’s software streamlines the process of tracking metrics important to your affiliate program. Try LeadDyno free for 30 days to experience its benefits.

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