How to use affiliate tracking software

With the advent of information technology, several business owners have turned to the internet to sell their products and services. With several benefits like access to information, ability to compare and the convenience of shopping from home, internet shopping has become one of the most popular shopping methods.

Many businesses use affiliate marketing to attract customer traffic to their websites. Affiliate marketing deals with putting links which lead back to your site, on other sites that belong to affiliates. Most businesses features several affiliates and need to track how much sales revenue each of them helps to generate. This is accomplished using affiliate tracking software.

The affiliate tracking software allows tracking several things like sales, leads and clicks generated by various affiliates. It can also assist in running several marketing programs like Cost per Sale, Cost per Action and Cost per Click.

What is Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking allows users to create links and codes that will be used for tracking purposes. An affiliate tracking software then tracks these links and codes. Amongst various tasks, this software can accomplish the following;

  • Tracking the leads that led to purchases
  • Providing various statistics like:
    • Sales made through a certain lead.
    • Visitors generated by a certain lead.
  • Perform accounting procedures like calculating:
    • Sales made through affiliates.
    • Sales made by each affiliate.
    • Commission due for each affiliate.

This way, you will know exactly how much sales an affiliate is generating for your company and will help you plan accordingly.

Benefits of Affiliate Tracking Software

There are various advantages of using this software for affiliate marketing. Here are a few of them:

  • No more accounting hassles. The software can be used to not only calculate the commissions, but also pay your affiliates automatically.
  • No more data collection required. The software can collect data and allow you to slice and dice it, according to your preference.
  • No more hassle of getting links to the affiliate websites. The software can generate online ads with links embedded in them.

LeadDyno provides several state of the art affiliate tracking solutions. Their innovative Affiliate Dashboard contains everything you will need to promote your product. You can use it to view your affiliates’ activities and how much revenue each one is generating. It even provides you with data regarding how much sales you have generated using the advertisements placed on various famous sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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