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This week’s affiliate programs guide goes out to all the health affiliates in the room. You didn’t think we’d let you start 2019 without a few health affiliate programs now, did you?

In this guide, you will be introduced to 7 different programs, all of which you can register to immediately! 

First of all, let’s check out the products that you will be able to promote:

  • Coldest Cooling Towel
  • Natural Feminine Suppository & Cream
  • Natural Medicine
  • Sensory Subscription Crate
  • Natural Health Products
  • Posture Braces
  • Pain Relief Patch

So here’s how we have structured the guide…

Each of the programs listed includes a brief description, link to the company’s website, affiliates commission rate, and affiliates sign-up link.

7 Affiliate Programs for Health Affiliates

You are probably here looking for a quick fix of fresh products that you can start marketing on your website or even social platform.

So we’re just going to jump straight into it.

1) Coldest Cooling Towel

The World's Coldest Cooling Towel | Health Affiliates

Product Introduction

Did you know you can tell if you’re committed to living an active lifestyle?

You begin to invest in stuff the ordinary person wouldn’t even think of – just like the world’s coldest cooling towel from Koldtec.

Made with ice inside, it is 5x colder and maintains maximum cold for up to 3 hours.

Only active freaks would appreciate health inventions like this because they know what a day saver it is to have that cooldown relief.

People with Multiple Sclerosis will also benefit from this cooling towel as well. It can help regulate their body temperature especially if they have an active lifestyle.

Company Website


Affiliate Commission

25% Commission on all sales. Payable 30 days after sales.

Health Affiliates Registration

Sign up to Koldtec affiliate program

2) Natural Feminine Suppository & Cream

Product Introduction

NeuEve Cream - For Vulvar Dryness + ItchingMenopause – something that’s rarely openly spoken about but is often secretly experienced by women.

No one warned you about the vaginal issues that come with menopause.

Odors, dryness, atrophy itching, burning, painful sex, and bacterial vaginosis.

Whooooa… that’s way too much drama to deal with.

To your relief, NeuEve has natural feminine suppositories and creams to help ease menopausal discomforts.

Company Website


Affiliate Commission

10% of all sales. Customers average cart size is $70.

Affiliate Registration

Sign up to the NeuEve affiliate program

3) Natural Medicine

Product Introduction

The Chill Pill ~ 750mg Bottle | ANTIDOTE+All the horror stories on the internet about the dangers of commercial medicine has freaked the whole lot of us out.

So we sprint to any natural options we can find – we mentally feel better about ourselves.

So, listen up.

ANTIDOTE+ will make you feel better in all the ways you need to.

They offer herbal medicines like The Chill Pill, Stress Relief Lip Balm, Happy Banana and more.

Get relief from stress, anxiety, and pain with the powerful effect of CBD, a natural non-psychoactive compound of hemp.

Company Website

The site is currently under maintenance.

Affiliate Commission

15% commission on all sales. Affiliates get paid every 2 weeks.

Affiliate Registration

Sign up to the ANTIDOTE+ affiliate program

4) Sensory Subscription Crate

Product Introduction

Subscription Box | Sensory CrateAutism – Spectrum Disorder – OCD – ADHD – Anxiety.

Dealing with any of these can be a heavy load on any parent’s shoulders.

So breathe… and take it one step at a time.

The Sensory Crate is one of the great steps you can take to get the support you need.

In this monthly subscription crate, you will find items designed to stimulate the senses to advance early childhood development.

Selected by Forensic Behavioral Analysts and Applied Behavioral Analysts.

Only for $39.99 per month, the Sensory Crate will be a valuable support.

Company Website

Sensory Crate

Affiliate Commission

10% on all sales and if you recruit a team – get an extra 5% of every sale made by your team members.

Affiliate Registration

Sign up as an affiliate of Sensory Crate

5) Natural Health Products

Product Introduction

Detoxification Works | Natural Health SupplementsAre you feeding your body with the right nutrients to combat common health issues?

Or have you become comfortable in your unhealthy body?

Most of us do.

Gut issues, skin issues, energy issues and more become the order of the day for many.

But does it have to be when you can do something about it?

Alternative and natural health products from Detoxification Works will help get you to your healthier self.

Get high-quality supplements in various categories such as women, joints, weight, digestion, sport, colon, detox, and heart.

Company Website

Detoxification Works

Affiliate Commission

20-35% commission on approved products. Also, the top 10% of affiliates get a pay increase of between 5% to 15%.

Affiliate Registration

Sign up to become an affiliate of Detoxification Works

6) Posture Braces

Product Introduction

Relieve Back & Shoulder Pain with Posture CorrectorsThe day when you realize the importance of good posture is the day you experience back or shoulder pain.

And that’s when you discover you’ve messed up.

The good news is that posture braces from Posture Correctors will help you relieve your back and shoulder pain.

Get shoulder braces, back braces, sitting back braces and there’s even a shoulder support brace corset bra for the ladies.

Order your posture brace and get free worldwide shipping.

Company Website

Posture Correctors

Affiliate Commission

50% commission on all sales, and get paid weekly via PayPal or Stripe.

Affiliate Registration

Sign up to the Posture Correctors affiliate program

7) Pain Relief Patch

Product Introduction

Nano-Tech Pain Relief PatchesIf dealing with pain is the order of your day, then popping pills likely are too.

However, if you were only rarely taking pills, then you wouldn’t think about it much. But when it happens often, then you can’t help but worry about the long-term effects of taking pills.

If you’re looking for another way to relieve pain, then you need to check out nCAP Pain Relief.

This is the world’s 1st nano-tech pain relief patch that is 100% drug-free.

Also, this reusable patch will help relieve all types of pain in a matter of minutes.

Company Website

nCAP Pain Relief

Affiliate Commission

10% commission on all sales.

Affiliate Registration

Sign up to the nCAP affiliate program

Final Words For Health Affiliates

If you want to browse more programs for health affiliates, then check out our larger directory.

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