Facebook Conversion Tracking

You can do better than “only” relying on the Facebook conversion tracking pixel! LeadDyno can tell you exactly how much business you are generating from each Facebook advertisement that you are running. Trust, but verify… make sure the $$$ you are spending with Facebook is bringing sales back!

Since LeadDyno is already “plugged in” with your e-commerce provider, we’ve got tracking links that you can use in your Facebook advertising campaigns, too. Here’s how to setup your Facebook conversion tracking…

Setup a New LeadDyno Tracking Campaign

Go to Marketing – Tracking Campaigns to create a new tracking campaign in LeadDyno. You’ll get a link to your site that looks something like this one that I created for LeadDyno.com: This is the type of link you want to use in your Facebook ads.

Make This Link Your “URL to Promote” in Facebook Ads

When you create a new ad, Facebook will ask which URL you want to promote. Make sure you enter a LeadDyno Campaign tracking link for this (rather than just the URL itself), so that we can track your conversions in LeadDyno for you. Don’t just give Facebook your URL… give them a LeadDyno campaign tracking version of it!

See Your Facebook Ad Results in LeadDyno

Now, you’ll be able to account for each visitor, lead, and purchase that you receive as a result of each Facebook advertisement. And, you can also see specifically who visited your site from the ad, and who purchased from you!

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