Easy Affiliate Tracking Software Demo: LeadDyno

Good morning and thanks for joining me today. This is Brett Owens from LeadDyno. I am the Marketing Director here and what I’m going to do is I’m going to walk you through LeadDyno in about 15 to 20 minutes. We will go pretty fast. So if you have questions, your welcome to type those in and they go to webinar panel and if I can take them on the fly, we’ll do that otherwise, we’ll definitely save some time at the end but we move it at fast clip and what I’m going to do is, I’m going to show you exactly how I use LeadDyno. So I’m going to show you how to set up all of the specific affiliate, recruitment, automation, promotion type stuff that we have ready for you. So our goal toady is to get you on your way. After today, of course, we’ve got support available for you as you have questions and I’ll also show you how you can get in contact with support people and myself after our time together today.

So first things first, what we are taking a look at here is your…actually, this is my affiliate website or one of my affiliate websites. So if you’ve already signed up with us at LeadDyno on the free trial or you have a current plan, you are going to have a website, an affiliate website and it’s going to look like this. The URL is going to be By default, this is something that we are hosting for you. Again, just want to get you up and running. So we don’t have to embed forums or get a developer involved. We’re just hosting this for you out of the box. This is something that you can customize, so you can put in your company or your product logo. Up at the top, you can put in your colors, all this copy you can update and then this is, basically, where new affiliates are going to go to sign up with you.

So this customization is something that you do on the back end. Let me just take you there quickly so that you know where to find that. That’s going to be located under Affiliate Content on the left hand side. So now, if you haven’t a looked at LeadDyno yet, this is what you as the affiliate manager is going to see on the back end. So under affiliate content here, I’m going to go to configure affiliate website and then this is where you can do that customization that I talked about. So, you can enable the custom header, you can put in your logo, the color is something that you can select here, you can do your own intro content and now if you really want to customize that page, you can also use custom CSS. You can enable iFrame mode to actually embed their page on your site. But basically, this is the page where you can send the people to new affiliates. Probably want to post this on your site somewhere, if you can, or embed it within your site.

Question, the .leaddyno is mandatory? OK, so if you’re hosting with us, it’s going to be That’s if we’re hosting it for you because that’s on our domain. Now, if you want to host it on your site, that’s totally fine. The way to do that is to enable iFrame mode and then you are going to have an iFrame that you can actually put on your site and then you can make the domain whatever you want. Okay, it makes sense. So if you don’t want to touch anything, it’s going to be that means we’re hosting it. If you want to put it on your site then just enable iFrame mode, you can put it on any page on your site. For example, you could do it on So, good question, thank you for that. OK, so you got the affiliate website. Again, you can to embed it on your site, you can link to it.

Let me show you the quickest way to start getting people to that site. It’s a relatively new feature for us but it’s one that works really well. This is one of the first things that I would enable. Within LeadDyno, we call it our affiliate invitation e-mail. This e-mail goes out to people as they buy from you. So after they purchase from you, we’re going to send this e-mail, we’re going to ask them to help spread the word about our product and to do so, to join our affiliate program and say that we are going to reward them. So I actually have an e-mail in here for you, it’s under affiliate invitations. I wrote it. It’s pretty close to the one that I use. You are welcome to use it. You can customize it a bit and then, just enable it and then this is going to go out to new people. Cool thing about this, it’s really a nice way in addition to linking on your website, it’s good way to have an affiliate sign up with you, 24/7. I found that’s the best time to contact people after they make their purchase, that’s when they are really happy with you, really happy with your product. That’s the time you want them to share. The affiliate incentives gives them all the more reason to share because we can say, “As a thank you” whatever you pay, for this product, we pay $100 per referral per sale. So we talk about that here. And again, we say, “You can sign up for our affiliate program by clicking here.” When that new customer clicks here, they go here and then they sign up and they are good to go.

Now what happens when they sign up? So let me take you through that part. So, as new affiliates come in and join your program, you’re going to see them here and again, within the LeadDyno affiliate manager of you. So I’m under affiliate program, manage affiliates, and then I’ve got my list of affiliates down here. Now these guys are going to have, basically, two important links that are going to get them everything that they need. One of them is going to be that unique referral link that they can use to get somebody to your website and then, they get credit for that. Second link is going to be a link to their affiliate dashboard and the affiliate dashboard, basically, contains everything that they need. So, going back to half step, when they sign up on your affiliate website, we then log them into the affiliate dashboard.

We send them an e-mail that welcomes them to your affiliate program and that e-mail is something that you can also update within here. That’s going to be under, I know I’m moving kind of quick on this but I just want to show you all where all the stuff is. This is under affiliate content, automated affiliate e-mails. We’ve got an email that goes out on affiliate sign up and like anything in here, this is something that you can customize. Let’s say, I send it out to people, “Welcome to our affiliate program. Here is your unique referral link and here is a link to your affiliate dashboard.” So really, the only link that they really ever need is that link to their affiliate dashboard, which logs them in and it gets them everything that they need. So, here is that unique referral link. They’ve got one click social sharing available here. So this is how they can most quickly share that link instead of even having to copy and paste it, they can just click through.

For example, if I want to post this to Facebook, click the Facebook button. I’m already logged into Facebook on my computer, so it’s going to take me through to Facebook. It’s going to have a post pre-written, ready to go. This is the post that the affiliate manager writes and then, the affiliate comes in. They’ve got this post ready to go, it’s got their affiliate link already in there. If I want to add something, I can add something up here and then, I click share and this is going to post to my wall. Anyone that clicks through as they see this post in their Facebook feed, I’m going to get credit for that and I’m going to be able to see that credit under the progress here. So this is all going to be updated in real time. So I post that to my wall, somebody clicks through, I’m going to have a visit show up. If that person signs up, and that sign up might be an e-mail newsletter or it might be for a free trial, then I’m going to get a sign up here and then when that person purchases, I’m going to see that here and then, I’m also going to see my commissions as they are calculated.

So Sam, here, is the affiliate that we’re taking a look at. We’ve paid Sam out $230.50 to date. He’s got a $43.50 due and then another $8.70 upcoming. The reason he’s got some upcoming that’s not due is because the way that I have my commission plan structured is that there is a little bit of a time delay on the months. So we don’t pay them the commission right way. We wait a few months, just to make sure there is no refunds so we don’t get burned on that and as long as you make sure there is no refund, we then pay the affiliate. So if it’s in that sort of in between state, we call it an upcoming commission. So he can still see it but it’s not currently due to him but he’s got $43 due and he sees all this in real time. Sam clicks through to Facebook, he is motivated, he has got his affiliate clicks registering so he can come back here to his affiliate dashboard now and he can post, for example, he can send it out to twitter where this will pre-populate a tweet for him. Same type of idea, this tweet goes through, people click through, Sam gets credit for it. He can share on e-mail, so we’ll send e-mail out to up to 10 people at a time on his behalf and with all of this social sharing, all of these links here which I just put in as URLs. So these could be any page on your site, it doesn’t have to be the homepage. These are going to flip to affiliate links when Sam sends it out, so that he’s going to credit for all these. He, also, Sam in this case, does have a website, it’s kind of a website blog but a publication he blogs very early, multiple times a day. It’s perfect for our target market. He has also got some banner ads running on his site there. He pulled them from here. So what I do is, I take our banner ads that we are running through Google’s network and such, our retargeting ads, these are banners that just had our designer whip up for us with these new banners. I mean why not make them available to our affiliates (?) so I did. I uploaded these and then, these all have the affiliate code in there. So they are all ready to go. Sam just nee ds to copy paste this or he can hand off this to his developer and he’s good to go.

Sub IDs is where you can send people to a sub domain or a specific product page. So that’s a popular question from people as well. So if you have a specific product or you want affiliates to be able to promote different products, they can create a new sub ID. Basically, they just enter the target URL here, click create link and then they are going to get an affiliate link version for that page and then they will be able to track their progresses as well, as you see here. And then, we do send out affiliate newsletters also. So our affiliate newsletter is going to look like this. This is an actual affiliate newsletter that I sent out, it was little over a month ago, and now it’s in the launch of one our android apps. So we’d already done the press around it. I wanted to use our affiliate network to help amplify that. So I sent out a newsletter to our affiliates. I gave them a heads up on it and then also said, “Hey, by the way, click through to your affiliate dashboard. I’ve got some updated social media stuff for you.”

So, our affiliates get this e-mail, they click through, it logs them in to their affiliate dash and then they’ve got everything here. So they can start going through and then all of this social copy here I’ve all updated around this product launch. So this gives them some fresh stuff. The affiliate newsletter is something that you can send out. This is under…I’m under affiliate content and affiliate newsletters here and then you just add a new affiliate newsletter. So we’ve already got all your affiliates in LeadDyno. So we let you do a newsletter from here as well, this is how we can communicate with those folks as well. I’d say, just from my experience, affiliates appreciate being communicated with more often. They like the info. I’ve never had an affiliate tell me that we communicate with them too much. They like the info, they like making money, they prefer more communication than less. They like the passive income that they can get from working with us if they’ve an audience that’s teed up for our product.

So, I’m here, let me show you where I put up those banner ads and updated those Facebook posts. So that’s all under the content library and then, this is where you can update, for example, that Facebook post that I sent out here. So the Facebook post, basically, just re-write this here and save it and then that’s what going to go through the Facebook button. And then, I have another question here related to, can you show me where to upload the banner ads? And then, be happy to, it’s actually going to be in the same spot here under the content library, you go add content and add a banner. That’s where we are going to be able to, basically, just use your banner file. You can put a target URL if you wanted somewhere other than your homepage. If you like it on the marketing tab, you can click that button. So the marketing tab is, basically, this tab here.

OK, we do have a couple of other e-mails that we can send out to affiliates. So remember, I told you about the affiliate sign up e-mail. We can send e-mails such as this one that says, “Hey, you’ve got a new affiliate commission from us. Congratulations!” I do have the link to the affiliate dashboard down below here. This e-mail is going to be something that you can set up again under our automated e-mail, so you can tell people when they’ve got a new lead or a new purchase. So this is the new purchase e-mail. So that’s what this looks like on my site. This is what I wrote. So I’ve got some variables being replaced such as these URLs and such in the lead e-mail. This is what it looks like on their end. So, again, I’m just using a text e-mail here but I’m just giving a heads up that they’ve got a new commission.

OK, and then the final portion and then we can get into more of your questions. So the final portion for the affiliates is paying these guys out and we are going to do that under pay affiliate commissions. So that’s going to look like this. I go under our affiliate program, I go to Pay affiliate commissions and here are the commissions that I have currently due. So if I want to, for example, pay out Laurie here, I’ll send her a payment via Paypal, that’s the easiest way. We got a few ways to pay people and I’ll show you in a minute but we can pay her out via Paypal. I can say, I’m just logging in, and I can say, for faster checkout, I want to skip this process and then what this is going to do, it’s going to tee up a payment out to Laurie and I’m just going to approve that and then that’s going to go out. Our page will refresh here. When we refresh the LeadDyno page, it’s going to mark Laurie as paid. So that’s, really, all we need to do on the commission side to pay out guys. I do this once a month. I usually do it if we owe more than 50 bucks just to sort of streamline things. I think that’s pretty standard.

That’s the easiest way to do it is just do the Paypal. If you are cutting people checques, you can just mark them as manually paid and that’ll axe them out of the screen. If you want other options, we’ve got Dwolla integration. Dwolla is kind of a Paypal competitor. You can pay out via Dwolla. If you are Bitcoin inclined, we have a coin base based integration that allows you to pay out via Bitcoin as well. And that is it on the affiliate stuff. So, I’m happy to take questions, happy to review any other specifics that you have, you can go ahead, type those into the go to webinar panel.

I’ve got a question here about lead sources. So I noticed that LeadDyno shows me lead sources from other than affiliates. Is there any limit to the type of lead sources that you can show? OK, that’s a good question. Under lead pipeline, leads is where you are referring to. So this is every new lead that I’ve got and then I also have a source, so I can whether they came direct to my website. Google secure search, this means that they came from a Google organic search. Fortunately, Google hides a lot of these, this is not unique to LeadDyno. Even Google Analytics hide these as you probably know a lot now, but this doesn’t mean they came via organic search. So we are not able to see the search term, I guess I’m saying. So this person here came from this article online. I can even look at this article and see what it did for us in terms of how many visits, leads and purchases we got from this particular article. So this all, really, breaks down. You can also see the same thing for your new customers and for your purchases.

You can see where you new customers came from. This is under the customers tab. So you can see the lead and then you can see the source here. For example, you can see what leads sources, in addition to affiliates, are actually driving all your sales. OK, I’m trying to set up a Facebook ad tracking, as described on your website. What link to I need to use to do that? So our Facebook and our adverts tracking is going to be on under marketing, it’s going to be on under tracking campaigns and if I create a new tracking campaign, what this is going to do, I’m not actually going to do it alone, I’ll just show you an existing one that I got. This is going to show me a tracking, it’s going to give me a tracking link. So this is going to our homepage, if I click this link, it’ll go to our homepage. This is basically like creating an affiliate link but instead of giving it to an affiliate, we are going to use it to track our Google adverts or our Facebook ads. And all we need to do is, basically make this the target URL for adverts or for Facebook, we need to tell Facebook that this is the site that we want to promote and then, we are going to be able to track everything.

So the advantage of using LeadDyno, in addition to the conversion tracking that those two ad networks being Facebook and adverts gives you, is that LeadDyno is plugged in with your store. So we see your actual customers and who bought what. So that’s going to be a little more detailed than seeing who hit a specific page. So, we can see not only the visitors and the leads but we can actually see the purchases and then we can actually see who it was and we can actually see who bought what. So I’m just going to click the customers’ tab, so that’ll refresh here, you can see the specific there. Compare this with your ads span and then you’ll get a better feel for, if this investment is working out for you, in terms of ads span.

Looks like that’s it on the questions’ side. Thanks for joining and for the questions as well and finally, let’s talk about best ways to get support. So if you are in the application, you can just click the lower left to start a live chat. We have got people in real time from the early morning hours until 4 P.M. pacific every day. And then on our website as well, we do have live chat available. So, thank you again for joining and hope that we hear from you soon.

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