Are You Confusing Digital Marketing with Affiliate Marketing?

Digital marketing vs affiliate marketing

Digital marketing has transformed significantly over the years. It’s now a conglomerate of a diverse range of strategies that include but are not limited to website design and development, search engine optimization, PPC ads, social media marketing, and of course affiliate marketing.

While affiliate marketing does fall under the umbrella of digital marketing, the approaches and strategies it uses are entirely different.

It’s Performance Based

Unlike traditional marketing platforms where you need to spend money before publishing an ad or launching a new product, affiliate marketing doesn’t cost you the same way.

It works around a commission-based payment model that’s highly dependent on returns and the revenue your affiliates bring in. If one of your affiliates isn’t able to convert leads into sales, you don’t have to pay.

Only when you achieve the key metrics (agreed upon before), you share a percent of profits with the affiliates and the affiliate network.

It’s Trackable

Affiliate marketing is easy to measure compared to other forms of digital marketing strategies. You can measure the activity on links, click rates, views, organic visitors and leads turned into sales, all within the affiliate marketing program you use.

Tracking also allows you to choose which affiliates you want to keep working with and which ones aren’t able to generate any leads or sales.

It’s Diverse

In digital marketing, you need to modify your campaign according to the platform you’re using. The ad copy used on Facebook doesn’t work for Snapchat or Instagram posts; so you need to pick a primary promotional platform. This can limit your brand visibility; that’s not a problem in affiliate marketing.

Your affiliates can pick the platforms of their choice and secure listings on websites that have high reach and the most impact on your target market.

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