Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Affiliate marketing is an important and lucrative dimension of digital marketing. More than 80% of the brands are using an affiliate program and by 2020, US based companies are expected to spend around $6.8 billion on affiliate marketing programs, which shows how important affiliate marketing has become.

However, just like any other marketing strategy, affiliate marketing can go wrong. There is a certain way that affiliate marketers should work; otherwise they won’t be able to get results.

Here are some things that affiliate marketers should avoid at all cost:

Picking Irrelevant Products

The worst mistake that any affiliate marketer could do is choosing products to promote solely on the basis of commission, regardless of the fact that it is completely irrelevant to their niche.

Affiliate marketing is not about promoting and selling products, it is a relationship of trust, where people rely on the affiliate for providing relevant and accurate information. If any affiliate starts promoting products that are completely irrelevant to the niche, the affiliate will soon lose followers.

Not using products

If an affiliate marketer promotes a product they do not believe in, people won’t be convinced.

The customers will quickly lose confidence in the affiliate marketer, and will stop buying the products that are being promoted.

Not maintaining an email list

Affiliate marketers need to maintain an email list to send personalized offers and promote specific products and generate sales. Without an email list, affiliate marketers miss out on a very effective way of direct marketing.

Not focusing on content

Affiliate marketing is not about promoting products, it is about the value that affiliate marketers provide to the people.

People do not follow affiliate marketers because of they are promoting goods and services they follow because of the valuable content that the affiliate marketer is sharing. Therefore, all affiliate marketers should first focus on developing quality content before actually promoting any sort of product or service.

Not focusing on analytics

The thing that really sets digital marketing apart from traditional marketing is its ability to tell what’s working and what’s not, through analytics.

By tracking and evaluating data, affiliate marketers can know what platforms are really helping them and what aren’t. Therefore, they can focus all their energies on platforms or customers that are bringing in the results.

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