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Business Services Affiliate Programs Guide

So you may we wondering, what do these LeadDyno guys mean by business services affiliate programs? What exactly is considered a business service?

First, let’s answer that looming question to make things clearer for the rest of the guide.

What are Business Services?

A business service is a service provided to businesses by a business.

For example, let’s assume you run a trendy online clothing company. A part of your marketing strategy is to promote your brand and products through a dedicated Instagram account. You need a productive way to manage and schedule your regular posts. So you turn to a service like Hootsuit. Thus making Hootsuite the business that provides a service to your business.

Got it?

Now let’s look at other companies that offer business services that you can partner with as an affiliate. So they can gain more customers through your marketing efforts and in turn, you make money through commissions.

5 Business Services Affiliate Programs

Here’s a quick look at the five business services affiliate programs that we will be covering in this guide.

  1. Professional Resume Templates (45% Commish)
  2. Business Mastermind (25% Commish)
  3. Digital Marketing Services (20% Commish)
  4. Approved Amazon Wholesalers ($25 Commish)
  5. Loyalty Program to Increase Sales (50% Commish)

And don’t forget you can browse 35+ more business affiliate programs right here, too.

1. Professional Resume Templates [Earn 45% Commission]

Professional Resume Template Services

There is one thing about job hunting that sucks. Creating your resume. Considering how critical it is in the process, many under-represent themselves with a crappy resume.

In fact, if there is any skill that will get you noticed it is being able to effectively market yourself. Now before you overwhelm yourself with what to do, Resumesly has made it so easy.

Get professional resume templates from as little $15 – presenting yourself on paper doesn’t get any more impressive as this.

Affiliates earn a very generous commission of 45% on sales. Do you want a share of the loot? Then apply now to become an affiliate of Resumely and get started.

2. Business Mastermind [25% Commission]

Mastermind Platform for Entrepreneurs

What no one warns you about when you become an entrepreneur is that it is a very lonely place. Especially if you’re like most of the one-man-band type of businesses.

If you feel stuck in your business and don’t have the answers or solutions to move forward then you should consider joining Eccountability.

This mastermind platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses will give you expert advice, support, and strategies from other fellow entrepreneurs across the globe.

This may be exactly what you need to get unstuck.

If this sounds like a business service you could market, then become an affiliate of Eccountability and start earning 25% commission on sales.

3. Digital Marketing Services [20% Commission]

SEO Services | Agent-cy

2019 reality:  every business needs a digital strategy. Whether you like it or not. The world has already gone digital and if your business hasn’t gone digital then you better do something now.

Yes, I get how all these online activities can feel disorientating but Agent-cy will help you out with everything you need to create an effective online marketing presence.

From graphic design, content writing, SEO, social media marketing, video production to web design and e-commerce services.

As for affiliates, promote their business services and earn a commission of 20% on sales. All you need to do is sign up as an affiliate to get the ball rolling.

4. Approved Amazon Wholesalers [$20 Commission]

Wholesale Contacts - Approve Amazon Wholesalers

Do you have an Amazon wholesale business or have you been playing with the idea of starting one?

One of the challenges of running a wholesale business is sourcing good products at great prices and passing this value to your customers.

In the wholesale environment, one blunder can cost you lump sums of money – unlike in the B2C space. So if you are looking to build a great network of suppliers, Wholesale Is Easy will help you.

They will give you 5 new Amazon FBA approved wholesalers on a monthly basis. You’ll learn how to maximize profits, bundle products and you’ll receive expert tips.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of $20 per month. Apply here to become an affiliate of Wholesale Is Easy.

5. Loyalty Program to Increase Sales [50% Commission]

Gift Hopper - Gifts for every occassion

Would you like to boost your sales? Most businesses think they need to acquire new customers in order to boost their sales.

However, studies show that over 50% of a business’ revenue comes from existing customers.

So, why not boost sales from your existing customers? It’s not only easier but it will be much cheaper than focusing on acquiring new customers.

With GiftHopper, you can send a gift to your loyal customers from as little as $5. They’ll make sending gifts to your clients as easy as sending an email.

Surprise your clients and earn their loyalty with your thoughtful gesture.

Affiliates earn a mighty generous commission of 50% on sales. so what are you waiting for? Apply now to start affiliating with GiftHopper.

Concluding Our Guide on the Latest Business Services Affiliate Programs

That was just a very small fraction of the affiliate programs that you can sign up to. If you want to browse even more business services affiliate programs or any other niche for that matter, then you can check out our network of merchants.

Alternatively, you can explore our previously published affiliate guides.

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