Building a Website? Here Are Some Helpful WordPress Plug-ins!

WordPress is by far the biggest name among bloggers and online businesses. The reason behind the platform’s popularity is its user-friendly interface and the numerous plug-ins it offers. As of right now, any user can enhance their WordPress experience with the help of as many as 54,749 plug-ins! 

WordPress is a versatile and user-friendly content management and publishing system. If you’re a business owner, there’s a very high chance that you’ve heard of other businesses using WordPress for their websites and content. From scheduling, listing, and optimizing SEO content to a ton of other features, WordPress is a one-stop-shop that allows your content strategy to be executed smoothly.

With WordPress plug-ins incorporated in the backend, you can instantly enhance the aesthetics, efficiency, and functionality of your site. But just a word of caution: be careful about which plug-ins to pick for your website. It only takes one bad installation or line of code to transform your formerly functioning website into a mess.

The following are some of the most helpful WordPress plug-ins that you can install for your business’s website:

Contact Form 7

Every business needs a plug-in that manages multiple contact forms, and uses reCaptcha for verifications. You might also need software that automatically filters out spam submissions so that you don’t have to sift through the data yourself.

Contact Form 7 was developed for businesses to easily manage their contact forms. This plug-in has had over 5 million installations with around 1,100 5-star reviews.

Cost: Free!

Askimet Anti-Spam

Developed by the WordPress software team themselves, Akismet Anti-Spam could be the only software you need to prevent spammers from accessing your site.

The plug-in reviews and filters comments on your website. You can then access each commenter’s history and see which ones were marked spam by Askimet.

Cost: Free!

Word Fence Security

For your business to run safely and smoothly, it needs the right tools for backdoor scanning and virus, malware, and firewall protection. WordFence Security was developed with the aim of protecting your business’s data and provides you with security against viruses and hackers.

WordFence Security also provides services such as rate limiting, IP whitelisting, IP blocking, blocking spam and Google crawlers.

Cost: 25% discount if you own 15+ licenses. The prices otherwise start from $99.0!

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