Avoid Making These Conversion Killing Mistakes With Your Marketing Emails!

According to various research studies, 44% of people made at least one purchase, triggered by an email last year. In addition to that, 33% act upon emails based on the subject line.

On the other hand, 72% B2B buyers would like to share important product information through email. Still think email is dead? Not really. In fact, an emailing list and the right email marketing tracking software can help send your affiliate program through the roof. However, a few mistakes here could do the opposite. From killing conversions to entirely destroying your brand image, here is what you are doing wrong:

Overusing Images

HTML emails provide amazing results and hands down have a special place in every marketers heart. But it is common to get carried away and forget that more than half of the recipients have images disabled because they want to view emails on their mobile devices.

Add multiple images to your email and you just sent the recipients the perfect recipe for disaster. You email will appear as empty boxes, misaligned and totally unappealing. Stick to lesser images and use descriptive ATL tags.

Not Segmenting

An online retailer Totes Isotoner increased sales by 7000% just by using the right segmentation techniques. The essence of a good campaign is effectively using the data that is already available to you. With a few simple tools, you can send one-on-one emails that are relevant to each client. Customization and personalization is the key to targeting specific segments.

Providing Too Many Choices

If you are planning to include a CTA, only include one. More than often, campaign emails have an endless array of options and many images to click. This may send recipients down through conflicting paths. Once they open the email, it might come off as too cluttered with no goal or objective.

For starters, your email recipients don’t like clutter. Make sure that you only include one or two CTAs that clearly specify what you expect them to do once they are done reading the email.

Similarly, if you stick to sending one email a month, this could be the reason behind low conversions. Your email could end up buried under a pile before recipients get to know they actually received it. Send out 2 to 3 emails every week. But, remember not to overdo it.

Investing in the right email marketing tracking software can also help you gauge your email efforts and come up with better email designs. Get a quick tour of LeadDyno, the best affiliate management software, to find out how we can help.

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