Affiliate Programs and Why You Need Them

Affiliate programs are an underlying marketing secret that most e-commerce entrepreneurs are unaware of. Setting up an e store today is as easy as a few clicks here and there; running it, however, requires creative effort and insight.

One of the most fundamental strategies that ensures smooth running of a business is having a well-built marketing strategy at hand. Some may think that this involves a great deal of investment and resources, but in reality, it is actually being proactive and creative that helps one stand out and gain a competitive edge.

Before you venture on the path to affiliating, or setting up an affiliate team, gear yourself with what it is, how it works, and what benefits you stand to avail!

The Team

The affiliate platform comprises of three main players that are brought together by a competent network. The main elements of this team are:

  • Merchant:
    The merchant is the owner of the e commerce setup, selling products and/or services. They hire affiliates as a part of their marketing strategy.
  • Affiliate:
    An affiliate is the individual who promotes and advertises the merchant’s products and/or services on their own website and different social media platforms
  • Consumer:
    The consumer is a customer who visits the merchant’s website via the links provided by an affiliate. If this consumer makes a purchase form the website, the affiliate is paid a commission in the form of a pre-defined percentage of the sale made.

A competent network or a software team manages the affiliates, payments and links in an effective and efficient manner.

The Operation

All the affiliates are provided with a special link that directs consumers to the merchant’s website. This link is embedded with a special code that can tract the number of clicks made, and also, whether these clicks resulted in sales or not. This information is tracked and all affiliates are paid a specific commission instantly or at the end of every month.

The Reason You Need It

An affiliate platform provides effective means of marketing to e-commerce entrepreneurs without spamming. In addition to being highly cost effective as opposed to other means of marketing, this platform also provides valuable insight of the target market – statistics regarding where maximum leads and traffic are being generated from, areas where your products and services are not making a profitable impact, etc enable one to improve their future marketing strategy in an efficient manner.

Whether you are an entrepreneur running an e store, or simply looking for earning in this manner, it is essential to have a competent management team by your side. We suggest you consider starting this venture with our services at LeadDyno! We provide clients with optimized means that allow the best E-commerce affiliate marketing, tracking all leads, visitors, customers and payments. Moreover, we also provide tips on how to recruit affiliates effectively! Feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have and we will be happy to get you started on this ultimate marketing strategy!

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