Your Guide on How To Recruit & Engage Affiliates with Webinars

recruit affiliates with webinar

Affiliate marketing is a great way to expand your market and raise awareness of your brand. To keep your affiliate marketing program effective and diverse you can recruiting new affiliates or stay engaged with your current affiliates. Hosting an affiliate marketing webinar can help you achieve these goals. Consider using webinars to recruit new affiliates and engage with current ones to become “brand ambassadors” for your business. 

Why Use Webinars?

Almost 73% of B2B business leaders say that webinars are key to their lead-generating strategy. Webinars may generate more leads than any other single sales tactic. 

When produced correctly, webinars are highly effective at:  

  • Sharing information 
  • Engaging with an audience  
  • Building a loyal consumer following 

Additionally, you may use webinars to engage with your existing affiliates by either educating them about your new products and policies or simply making sure you are all still on the same page.

Beware, though — it’s not enough to set up a webinar and hope that people will attend. Have you ever sat through a drab, poorly organized presentation that didn’t spark any interest? Imagine what could happen if your affiliates did. If you want your webinar to be successful, you’ll need to follow some basic rules.

How To Run a Stand-Out Webinar 

Every business is different, and your affiliate strategy won’t look exactly like everyone else’s. Still, there are a few basic steps to running a successful webinar. Here are some of the most important bases to cover.

Clearly Define Your Topic

To best engage with your audience, make your webinar topic as narrow as possible. For example, if you’re introducing your affiliate program, decide ahead of time exactly what information you want your audience to learn. Think about what the most important take-away should be. Use visuals to reinforce your points and to stay on track. Avoid distracting material and ramblings about unrelated business statistics — that’s a surefire way for your audience to lose interest.

In short, tell your audience ahead of time what you’re going to cover in the webinar. That way, they’ll come prepared with questions. 

Two Webinars Are Better than One

Don’t cram too much information into one webinar. Instead, use one to recruit new affiliates and another to engage with your existing affiliates. After all, recruits may not know much about your business or your affiliate program, and existing affiliates probably won’t need to repeat information they already know. To recruit and engage successfully, go with separate webinars: one to introduce your business and the other to discuss changes or new developments for your program.

Pick the Right Format

There are a few standard ways to run a webinar: 

  • Follow a lecture format. Consider having an expert talk about a subject with a possible question and answer session at the end.
  • Run a panel-style discussion where some different members of your business can lead the interactive sessions.
  • Provide a straightforward Q&A session where affiliates can ask questions throughout the webinar.

All of these formats are good options, but it’s important to pick the right format for your needs. For example, the Q&A session might work well if you’re hosting a webinar for your current affiliates or even recruiting new affiliates. They probably have several questions to ask, and they will appreciate feeling “heard.” Either way, your affiliate marketing webinar could be geared towards one topic that is centered around recruiting affiliates or do another focused engaging current affiliates.

Don’t Forget the Marketing

Even if you have the best-produced webinar in the world, it’s not worth much if no one attends.

You should expect that about one-third of your attendees will wait to register for webinars until the day they are being held. Therefore, remember to extensively promote your webinar ahead of time and keep on promoting it until the last minute: 

  • Run ads via your social media platforms
  • Consider sending reminder emails as the date gets closer
  • Send the link within an hour or two of the webinar dates, so it stays fresh in mind

After the webinar, follow up with your attendees. Encourage them to give you feedback, and invite them to engage further with your brand. If all goes well, you can expect to generate some great possibilities for your affiliate program. 

Your Next Step for launching your own affiliate marketing webinar

Now it’s time to cultivate those leads and launch your own affiliate marketing webinar. LeadDyno can help you in every aspect of your affiliate marketing program: assisting with your program’s strengths and weaknesses, tracking your affiliates’ productivity, and handling affiliate payments. Contact LeadDyno today to learn more about what affiliate programs can do for your business’s success.

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