2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends

2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends

Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that is recruiting more and more affiliates each day. With growth comes the need to evolve and adapt. Trends in this industry are constantly in flux. In order to stay abreast in 2019 with these evolving trends, it’s important to get updates on the go. Do you want to up your affiliate score this year? Here are a few 2019 affiliate marketing trends to look out for.

FIVE 2019 Affiliate Marketing Trends

The best things come in five. So how about we get familiar with the direction affiliate marketing is heading with these 2019 trends.

Strong Reviews Are Reigning in 2019

Every buyer out there will admit to clicking on the ‘Product Review’ tab first thing after opening a website. For some, product reviews supersede the description of the product provided by the manufacturer itself. Before they know what it is, they want to know how it is.

If a buyer’s already on the product reviews’ page, then it means they’re just a push away from the purchase. All they need is a little nudge in the right direction and that’s what a strong review does. Being in the business for creating strong reviews is the real deal in 2019.

E-Commerce Is Taking The Lead

The popularity of e-commerce is at par with the success of the affiliate marketing industry. E-commerce merchants are more than ever relying on affiliate marketing as a tactic to increase sales and boost revenues. With trends in e-commerce gaining momentum, marketing affiliates have yet another fruitful opportunity up for grabs.

Affiliate Recruitment Is Very Important

Affiliate skills are not a rare talent anymore. That’s why many marketers are standing up to take the job. With a surge of candidates vying for the same positions, employers have become stricter with the recruitment process. Candidates now need to polish their profiles. And sell their skill set in the best way possible. Just so they can get the post many others have lined up for. Affiliate marketing is expanding. This means only a number of niche affiliate websites will be targeted as businesses hope to minimize room for error.

Affiliate Agencies Are On The Rise

With business growth and increased customers, merchants don’t have the resources to focus on marketing. Since affiliate marketing demands a unique set of skills, it’s not possible for businesses to do it in-house properly. This created a new niche for influencer marketing agencies that will be on the rise this year.

Facebook homepage

Facebook Ads Are In Demand

Marketers are turning to Facebook ads because of the array of hope it offers. Facebook also helps with remarketing campaigns. However, with its many benefits, there are also some drawbacks. This platform does not allow all kinds of affiliates. To get in the game, you need to watch out for errors that may get you banned.

That’s it for 2019 affiliate marketing trends. Now if you’re looking for an influencer marketing agency, then LeadDyno is what you need. We’re a software company that offers marketing tools to merchants and affiliates to digitize marketing for the modern industry! So get in touch today!

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