Affiliate Marketing 101: A Guide for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money through blogging. It may sound pretty intimating for people who are just starting out, but when they get a hang of it, they won’t be able to get enough. After all, nothing sounds better than being able to afford the new iPhone while only working part-time.

In this article, we will be breaking down the main aspects of affiliate marketing in order to understand what affiliate marketing really is and how it works.

What is affiliate marketing?

In layman’s terms, affiliate marketing is recommending or promoting products and services of other companies in order to earn a commission when a sale is generated. The product is generally sold to an established audience or followers that affiliates have online because of their blogs.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

There are generally four parties involved in an effective affiliate marketing process: the company, an affiliate network, the affiliate, and the buyers.

The company sells the products online, and is looking for ways to reach new customers who might be interested in their services. The affiliate can be anyone who have their own website and has a considerable amount of following online because of their online activities.

The most important thing here is the affiliate network. The affiliate network is responsible for connecting the companies to appropriate affiliates as well as tracking them through cookies.

They do this by dropping tracking cookies in the customer’s browser in order to track and monitor the customers that a certain affiliate is sending towards the company’s website. This ensures that each affiliate gets their fair share of commission once a sale has been made. Without affiliate networks, affiliates won’t get paid and affiliate marketing won’t be possible.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing for Affiliates

There are various advantages of affiliate marketing for affiliates who are involved in affiliate marketing. It is one of the easiest ways of selling without having to do any sort of leg-work, or worry about inventory management or manufacturing. In addition to this, working with popular affiliate networks like LeadDyno, the profit potential is huge.

When affiliates invest their time in invest time and efforts, they can establish a considerable amount of income. They can work from anywhere and at any time they want. Bloggers with a considerable following can expect to receive many freebies to try out and then recommend it to their followers.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Companies

When it comes to the companies, the advantages are virtually endless. They can effectively mobilize a sales force online without having to pay them any salaries, since payment in affiliate marketing is only done through commission.

Majority of the marketers agree that the affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales for a company. Any businesses can easily reach out to a global audience, without having to invest a considerable amount of money in marketing. All they have to do is register with an affiliate network and get started.

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