6 Tips to Successful Affiliate Recruiting

As the affiliate marketing landscape evolves, simply implementing an affiliate system for a successful program is not enough.

You need to be able to grab the attention and recruit relevant and valuable affiliates who will become your brand ambassadors and a powerful sales force.

You must be able to recruit affiliates who will work with determination to promote your product actively.

So, how do you find such affiliates to sell your products? Well, here are a few methods to help you attract the best affiliates.

Take part in affiliate forums

Quite a few online forums today are specific to affiliate management and affiliate programs. This is where you will find most of the successful affiliate marketers, so you can take part in such forums. In the forum signature, you can even add the link to your affiliate program.

Advertise for affiliates

Just like pay-per-click advertising is used to attract downloaders and visitors to a website, this marketing technique can also be used to seek the attention of affiliates for your affiliate program.

You can even bid for phrases, terms, and keywords that relate to affiliates and affiliate marketing. Those who click on your advertisements will have good knowledge about how affiliate marketing works.

Show up at affiliate conferences

Affiliate conferences are events where many super-affiliates and merchants travel to network with their potential and current partners. There are many conferences held today that are solely dedicate to affiliate programs. Thus, travelling to and networking at such conferences can be the perfect place to find the best affiliates.

Search for super-affiliates

As the name suggests, super-affiliates are top, most highly rated, affiliate performers. For any merchant that catches their interest, they can generate significant revenue.

Super-affiliates search for affiliate programs that have a great conversion rate. Therefore, it is better to approach them directly to be able to explain to them your terms and conditions.

Competitive analysis

Before you invest your efforts, always find out which affiliates are actively promoting and advertising your competitor’s services and products, and try and contact them. Give them opportunities to earn more if they start working with you. It is an excellent way of capitalizing on an established vendor.

Incentive contests

By offering cash incentives to top performers, you can attract more affiliates and motivate them to perform well. This way you can even inspire them to push particular merchants over their sites.

Indeed, attracting, recruiting, and retaining effective affiliates is a great way to increase the revenue of your business.

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