5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter for Affiliate Marketing

Are you new to affiliate marketing? Do you feel unsure about the social networks you could use to reach customers? Here’s what you should know.

Twitter now has a whopping 336 million active users. It remains among the top social networks that have a great number of user accounts and high user engagement. This should tell you that Twitter has considerably strong social impact.

The user base comes second to Facebook, with a substantial 3 hundred million monthly visitors. The founders of Twitter are not the only people generating revenue from the micro-blogging site.

Why use Twitter for affiliate marketing

  • Brief messages that are easy to understand
  • Straightforward
  • Large impact with just a few words
  • Benefit for affiliate marketers: users can follow tweets they like, which can direct traffic to affiliate network
  • You can reach potentially more than 200 loyal customers daily. Affiliates can earn up to 50% commission on direct sales. Groupon affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on sales.


  • You can reach out to influential people on Twitter and ask them whether they are interest in affiliate arrangements for sales. If not that, you could enter partnership with other affiliate marketers and convert Twitter followers into customers. Interact with users who have a large following—promote or tweet about their pages. You scratch their back; they scratch yours.
  • You can direct traffic to your website by sharing links on Twitter. This will get you new audiences to your website and move up the rank scale. If done with tact and skill, you can generate high returns and gain a large customer base. You can’t earn money directly from twitter but you can use Twitter to direct users to your content.
  • In case you are selling products on your website, you could interact with potential customers on Twitter, for which you also need to be responsive to their messages.
  • On average, affiliates tweet 120,000 times every week; 47% of all affiliates use Twitter for marketing and sales.
  • Twitter is preferred because it is free and you can get started in no time. You don’t need a large number of followers to get started. Hashtags on Twitter are just like keywords that users could follow or use to search content.

Twitter is literally what gets people talking or tweeting. Since it is used frequently, it can direct traffic to your website within seconds or minutes. Twitter also has a mobile app. Last year, there was a 50% increase in mobile users. This way, you could reach out to a large number of potential customers. It can bring you a good audience.

Therefore, you can rely on Twitter as being one of the top affiliate platforms. For more information about the top affiliate software that you could use, visit LeadDyno.

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