4 Successful Affiliate Sites and What You Can Learn From Them


According to a report, 16% of US e-commerce orders were referred by affiliate marketing websites.

Affiliate market is booming! It has become one of the four largest sources of e-commerce sales.

Yet, a number of affiliate websites today have no real ambition. A lot of them are only designed to generate affiliate commissions by overselling without distinction. No wonder such sites fall off the radar and vanish within a few months.

Affiliates that have been able to gain success over the internet have focused on their product reviews and delivered significant value in order to build a great real audience.

Here is a list of 4 such successful affiliate websites for you to learn from.

Nerd Wallet

Being a review site for financial products, nerd wallet covers everything such as credit cards, mortgages, insurance, and investments. They have an amazing user interface, a brilliant marketing team, and great content. They have become the gold standard for affiliate sites in the last few years.

Operating in a highly competitive market, they aim to help people pick the best loans, insurance and credit cards, etc.

They are a 100% affiliate site, which does not sell its own products or services. A few other key stats about Nerd Wallet include:

  • Twitter 49,800
  • Facebook 80,529
  • Domain rating 68
  • Traffic 10.4M/mo

Things to learn

Nerd Wallet keeps its key pages updated and SEO is also a major part of its strategy.

50 EM

A site of 7 pages offering productive affiliate programs, Em is dedicated to comparing Ontraport and Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft offers recurring revenue of around $75 a month per sale, while Ontraport offers a payout of nearly $1000.

EM has operated cleverly by picking out the most wanted products in their niche and comparing them since they know that people have a difficult time choosing which one of the two to buy. They even offer support, so you can have a chat with them too.

Imagine how high their commission is that they have been able to invest into support and treating the product like it is their own!

Things to learn

Comparing products is a good way to attain more traffic from low competition keywords.

PC Part Picker

Before becoming a mainstream affiliate website, PC part picker was just shared on Reddit. It began as a hobby as it used to list parts of a PC on Amazon.

The aim of the site now is to let you build your own personal computer the way you want to. They offer parts at the cheapest possible rates. Their stats include:

  • Twitter followers 52,000
  • Facebook fans 33,000
  • Monthly visits 12.4 million

PC Parts Picker offers an incredible tool to assist you in finding the best parts for your computer. They are experts who help the readers add the latest parts into their computers.

Things to learn

By offering a comprehensive tool for comparison, they have made things faster, easier, and cheaper for people.

The Point Guys

Operating an affiliate site about credit cards and travel, they leverage the benefits that travel and credit card companies offer so that a person can travel cheaply. They operate in a very competitive niche. Their stats include:

  • Twitter 264,000
  • Facebook fans 1,550,476
  • Domain rating 60
  • Traffic 8.4M/mo

They make money through travel and credit card affiliate programs, and are mostly concentrating on credit cards to help people get travel rewards.

Things to learn

Put the favorite products of people right in the center and front.

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