35 Online Affiliate Programs – 7 Affiliate Categories

2019 Online Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Guide

Today we have a special treat lined up for you. We managed to persuade our enthusiastic team of LeadDyno researchers to gather for you a bundle of the latest online affiliate programs. And from the collection of programs, we then picked 5 of the best affiliate programs from 7 different categories.

Giving you a handsome guide to 35 of our most recommended online affiliate programs in 2019.

Take a look below at the seven categories that will be taking center stage:

  1. Technology
  2. SaaS
  3. Business
  4. Arts & Crafts
  5. Clothing
  6. Beauty
  7. Health

If you want to fly over to your favorite category, then by all means, click on the appropriate link above.

However, we suggest having a read of the full article. There are plenty of hidden gems to be found!

Now let’s begin the treasure hunt for the best online affiliate programs to join in 2019!

35 Latest Online Affiliate Programs in 2019

5 Online Affiliate Programs in Technology

First up, we are going to mingle with the IT crowd, as we explore the latest online affiliate programs in the world of technology.

Here’s a glimpse of the 5 tech affiliate programs that we have prepped for you:

  • Cybersecurity Solutions (10% Commish)
  • World Charging Station (15% Commish)
  • Exotic Gadgets (5% Commish)
  • Gaming Console Accessories (6-10% Commish)
  • Hot iPhone Accessories (30% Commish)

Cybersecurity Solutions for 10% Commission

AVG Internet Security | Avast | Malwarebytes

Cybersecurity is one of those things that is truly appreciated only once you become victim to the unfortunate event of a cyber attack.

In fact, that’s when you become all geeky and knowledgeable about techy terms like spyware, malware, trojans and all those other villains of the web.

Yeah, hard lessons learned.

Look, you’re better off safe than sorry so get yourself protected with cybersecurity solutions from Blue Jade Services.

Available are all the top brand internet security software for both your home and office.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Blue Jade Services.

World Charging Station for 15% Commission

Travel Charging Station | Online Affiliate ProgramsSpeaking of learning hard lessons, here’s another product that you’ll only appreciate once you’ve experienced the problem.

Until you travel and you realize that all your gadgets are at the mercy of adapter compatibility, that’s when amazing products like the world charging station from OneAdaptr have a valuable meaning to your life.

The thing though with this is that if you hardly travel then you hardly run into this challenge but the stress is still not worth it.

There are some problems that should be solved once and for all.

Free your brain from adapter stress and just get yourself a worldwide charging station.

Oh, and it comes with a built-in power bank to give you that extra power on the go.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales

Exotic Gadgets for 5% Commission

Super-Cool Unique Gadgets | Tech Affiliate ProgramsYou may want to sit down and have a coffee for this one. This is living in the future James Bond kinda stuff. Tech geeks will get giddy over this.

Discover super-cool unique and exotic gadgets at – really out of this world stuff.

Like the wearable smart nail that simulates the functions of a smart card, comes with an embedded flash and cellphone signal.

I’m not sure where or why you’d need this gadget but its cool factor is so high that it’s worth getting it even for the fun of it.

You’ll find other cool products that will make your eyes pop such as the earth hologram projector and the levitating Bluetooth speaker.

Oh, my goodness.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on sales

Gaming Console Accessories for 6-10% Commission

Gaming Console Accessories | Gadgets Affiliate ProgramsWhat was life before gaming existed? You know, until you really think of it, we pretty much have it good as a human race living in the 21st Century.

We live in an entertainment-rich culture where boredom is almost unheard of. Nifty gadgets like gaming consoles make our free time something to look forward to.

If this sounds like you then the only thing cooler than playing on your gaming consoles is pimping them up with cool accessories.

Check out Yoliq for neat accessories for your game consoles, smartphones, and computers.

Affiliates earn a commission of 6-10% on sales.

Hot iPhone Accessories for 30% Commission

iPhone Telescopic Lens | Tech GadgetsIn 2019, anything is possible with your smartphone. You can learn, play, start a business, work, become a photographer, create and do so much more.

If you have a smartphone, you literally have the world in your hands. Now, iPhone fanatics have the world and possibly a little more.

Well, that’s what it seems like when you check out iPhones Gadgets.

The hottest cases like the cherry breathing case, nifty gadgets like telescope lens and more that make having an iPhone a fantastic accomplishment.

iPhone universe, you need to check it out.

Affiliates earn a commission of 30% on sales.

5 Online Affiliate Programs in SaaS

The second group of 5 online affiliate programs is in the space of SaaS (Software as a Service). The SaaS business is currently taking the Internet by storm. There are software tools available online for just about anything!

Our compilation today will focus more on services in the area of sales and marketing.

Here’s what we have:

  • Easy Online Store Creator (10% Commish)
  • Sales Building Tools (25% Commish)
  • Online Marketing Analytics (25% Commish)
  • Online Graphic Design Tool (30% Commish)
  • Lead Generation Software ($100 Commish)

Easy Online Store Creator for 10% Commission

Soldigo | Online Store Creator

If you haven’t already, then 2019 is the year to start that online shop that you’ve always wanted to.

No sweat ‘cause Soldigo will help you create your online store plus you’ll also be able to sell on multiple channels simultaneously.

Sell on your online store, social media platforms, chat applications as well as websites and blogs. You’ll also have access to so many apps that will help you grow your business.

Soldigo really does make selling online easy. Try it for yourself by signing up for a free account.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Sales Building Tools for 25% Commission

Follow-up with Potential Customers | OutStand

Gone are the days where just your website was as far as your online sales building went.

Today, your website alone is not good enough as it is as far as your online sales strategy goes.

It’s 2019 so no excuses ‘cause amazing solutions such as sales building tools from Outstand are available to you.

Get text messaging, newsletter, opt-in forms, automated campaigns, contact management and so many more tools to help you engage with your audience and manage client relationships.

Affiliates earn a commission of 25% on sales.

Online Marketing Analytics for 25% Commission

Online Marketing Analytics by Ignitur

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. And if you don’t have complete hands-on data on the performance of your online marketing activities then you are powerless – you’re missing out on valuable business data.

Yeah, you may have your data in all sorts of places and truthfully, it all looks disjointed from the bigger picture of things.

So to help you solve this problem, you can access all the online marketing data you need in one place thanks to Ignitur.

It will help you work smarter, easier and faster – phew.

Affiliates earn a commission of 25% on sales.

Online Graphic Design Tool for 30% Commission

Easy Graphic Design Tool | Saas Affiliate ProgramsIn today’s world, there is one thing that all businesses must adapt to – content generation. Before you break out into a sweat about how much pain and extra resources this may cost you, relax.

DesignWizard is about to make your life a little easier.

This online graphic design tool helps you to easily create professional artwork through convenient templates for online and offline marketing designs.

Paid plans from as little as $9.99 and you get unlimited access to over 1 million images, 100s of free fonts and so much more!

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 30% on sales.

Lead Generation Software for $100 Commission

Get More Leads with LeadFuzeThe game of selling is tough and networking with the right people is not such a simple task.

If you need a little help, the good news is that LeadFuze will connect you to a world of ideal prospects thanks to their super cool B2B lead generation software.

Search for contact information of your potential prospects and automatically make contact through the system.

Subscribe from $150 and get up to 500 new leads every month.

Now that’s a sweet deal.

Affiliates earn a commission of $100 per paid signup.

5 Online Affiliate Programs in Business

Now it’s time to get down to business!

You may be thinking.

Aren’t all of the online affiliate programs pretty much related to business?

You’re right!

But when we talk about the business niche – we are actually aiming to unlock affiliate programs that deal with starting and managing a business.

So with that in mind, here are the 5 programs that we picked out for you:

  • Organic Instagram Growth (50% Commish)
  • Affordable Quality Printing Services ($75 Commish)
  • Financial Business Dashboards (40% Commish)
  • The Boss You Wish You Had (10% Commish)
  • Ultimate E-Commerce Starter Kit (50% Commish)

Organic Instagram Growth for 50% Commission

Increase Instagram Followers OrganicallySnoozers are losers. If your business is not on Instagram, you could be missing out especially if your target audience hangs out on IG.

Now, if you’re starting out it can be very demoralizing when you have no followers on your profile that echoes emptiness.

Need some help?

Social Legend will hook you up with organic Instagram growth using organic methods.

No bots and no fake engagement. They’ll handle everything and get quality engagements to your profile.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 50% on subscriptions.

Affordable Quality Printing Services for $75 Commission

Print Club | Affiliate Marketing OpportunitiesWhat is your business’ average expenditure on printing? Imagine reducing it by up to 50%?

If your business could do with the huge saving, then you need to join the Print Club.

You’ll have access to over 250,000 printing products and services including apparel and promotional products.

Almost any printing need you can think of. Through a simplified ordering process, get quality print jobs fulfilled and delivered to your door.

For a membership fee, you can access all this and still save.

Affiliates earn a commission of $75 on signups.

Financial Business Dashboards for 40% Commission

Financial Management | Online Affiliate ProgramsIf you don’t have access to your business’ real-time financial status at any given time, you need to prioritize this.

You’re as good as blind-folded if you’re running your business without laser focused detail on your financials.

How will you know what the problem is and how to fix it?

Financial data is a critical backbone of every business so signing up for Startegy will be a valuable investment.

You’ll get visual financial dashboards of the performance of your business. It will help you save time and you’ll be able to make swift decisions – the data is presented in a way that’s easy to understand.

You’ll wish you signed up sooner.

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 40% on subscriptions up to 6 months.

The Boss You Wish You Had for 10% Commission

The Boss You Wish You Had | Mr Pep TalkWhen was the last time your boss encouraged you and said, “you’re doing a great job”?

If your boss is like the rest of the population of unbearable bosses, then you rarely get positive motivation.

Instead, you sit in day-long meetings strategizing on how to solve the company’s problems while you are being threatened with your job lest you fail to perform to over expectations.

Sometimes, all you need is some good old pep talk to get you fired up with rocket ship energy to meet targets. If you need a better boss, then Mr. Pep Talk is the boss you wish you had.

In fact, he’s all yours if you want him. Just squeeze his belly and he’ll say a few things to give you the motivation that you need to make your job a little more enjoyable.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Ultimate E-Commerce Starter Kit for 50% Commission

The Ultimate E-Commerce Starter KitStarting an e-commerce business is a buzzing trend.

Hey, who wouldn’t want to run their business with all the flexibility and freedom that an e-commerce business brings?

The freedom to work in your PJs and the flexibility to pack your bags and embark on your next adventure if you wanted to.

But the unknown can be scary, especially if you’re clueless about how to make this your reality.

To help you out, Owned By Me have created the Ultimate E-Commerce Starter Kit where you’ll learn everything you need to get started.

From website stuff, email marketing, and social media – you’ll be fully equipped to start generating that online revenue.

Affiliates earn a commission of 50% on sales.

5 Online Affiliate Programs in Arts & Crafts

The arts and crafts arena is proving to be a very lucrative business to dabble in. So give me a second while I pull out my blank canvas and paint you a picture of our recommended arts & crafts online affiliate programs.

In no special ranking order, here are the 5 artsy programs:

  • DIY Chalky Furniture Paint (17% Commish)
  • Over 1 Million Stamps (10% Commish)
  • Personalized Potato Wishes (15% Commish)
  • Home Printables (50% Commish)
  • Decorative Magnetic Fineliners (10% Commish)

DIY Chalky Furniture Paint for 17% Commission

Vintage Furniture Paint and Wax | Arts + CraftsIn the spirit of the new year, most of us are exploring ideas to improve our homes in hopes to feel fantastic about life again.

Ring in all your lifeless furniture and splash them with some amazing color from Vintage And Restore By K.

This chalky finish furniture paint will transform your wrecked pieces into fabulous items that won’t go unnoticed.

This would make a great DIY weekend project that you’ll be proud of.

Affiliates earn a commission of 17% on sales.

Over 1 Million Stamps for 10% Commission

Over 1 Million Cute Stamp Designs | StampMoreBecause a cute little stamp makes all your mail adorable. I don’t know what’s more exciting: that there are over 1 million stamps or the cute designs available from Stampmore.

It’s moments like this that I wish I had a teacher type of job (or anything to the effect of working with paper).

Oh, how the inner stamper in me will be set free. Family mail and random scrapbooking projects will have to do for now.

Go on then and join me – paper does look nicer with a stamp on it.

Don’t you think?

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Personalized Potato Wishes for 15% Commission

Send a Personalized Message On a Potato

Because sending an ordinary message card just won’t cut it quite as a potato would.

Yeah, thanks to India’s Potatowishes you can send your loved one a personalized message on a potato.

What says “I love you sweetheart” more than a scripted potato? Send “Happy Birthday” potatoes and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, how about sending sweet nothings on a potato to your person.

Very unusual but you bet these will be the best potatoes ever received by anyone.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.

Home Printables for 50% Commission

Downloadable Printables | Arts and Crafts Affiliate Program

We are often inspired to make our home as comfortable as possible, enjoyable and welcoming with a little piece of art.

Whether it’s your living room, bedroom, office or nursery – you can set the atmosphere of your living space with beautiful high-quality printable art by Dream Big Printables.

With over 800 designs to choose from, you will find the perfect art.

Available are various themes such as inspirational, nursery, wedding, animal, states & cities as well as Christmas.

Designs are available in digital download or canvas prints delivered to your door.

Affiliates earn a BIG commission of 50% on every sale.

Decorative Magnetic Fineliners for 10% Commission

Colorful Decorative Magnetic Fineliners | MAGNETIPSCreatives love to be inspired. Inspired by an environment with color and design.

If your work is creatively demanding, then you’ll appreciate how your creative spark is not always forthcoming so you do all you can to keep creativity alive in your space.

Because of this, you’ll love MAGNETIPS – magnetic Fineliners that can become a centerpiece of your desktop.

Not only are these Fineliners useful, you’ll love to have them in your workspace and maybe you’ll even enjoy a bit of fidget fun with them as your creativity needs inspire you.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

5 Online Affiliate Programs in Clothing

Next up in our online affiliate programs guide, we are going to help you find those clothing products to dress your audience. Here’s what we have:

  • Women’s Vintage Eclectic Dresses (10% Commish)
  • Fabulous Fashion (10% Commish)
  • Affordable Quality Clothing (10% Commish)
  • Apparel in Eye-Catching Designs (10% Commish)
  • Fantasy Shoes (8% Commish)

Women’s Vintage Eclectic Dresses for 10% Commission

Vintage Eclectic Dresses | Online Affiliate Programs

Happy easy-going women carry that certain energy that is so magnetic. If you’re one of these women, then your style carries this energy too.

Feminine floral prints and solid classics with a vintage eclectic flair.

Feeling particularly high-spirited?

You will blossom in a beautiful soft floral bell sleeve dress from Poppy & Dot.

High-end quality dresses made to flatter all body types – you’ll feel comfortable and you’ll look lovely.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Fabulous Fashion for 10% Commission

My Trendy Twenty | Affiliate Program

For the fashion fiestas that don’t want to be left behind the latest trends but feel the pinch in their pocket every time they indulge, My Trendy Twenty is a must-shop.

You’ll find a bit of everything to make you look fab whatever the latest craze – tops, leggings, accessories, eyewear, swimwear and more.

All under $29.99.

Yeah, fabulous fashion at fabulous prices – a whole lot of fabulosity at My Trendy Twenty.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Affordable Quality Clothing for 10% Commission

Sassy Black Dress | Clothing Affiliate ProgramsThere is nothing like slipping on an amazing outfit that comes with an attractive dash of confidence. They don’t call it retail therapy for anything.

For top quality clothing for women, men and children, click on over to Scarlet Bloom.

You’ll find amazing outfits at really affordable prices.

If you have a daughter, you must check out the adorable girls 2-in-1 reversible dress – it’s a pretty solid coral color on one side and a lovely floral print on the other.

Too cute.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Apparel in Eye-Catching Designs for 10% Commission

Awkward T-shirt Design | Simple FandomThere is always that person who likes to be a little different from everyone else. Looking normal is too mediocre. And hey, we could do with a little uniqueness from time to time.

For apparel in eye-catching and whimsical designs, check out Simple Fandom. Get cool sassy statement prints in tees, backpacks and even baby’s bibs.

Accessorise with funky bracelets and necklaces if that’s your kinda thing.

Nothing ordinary and you will not go unnoticed.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

Fantasy Shoes for 8% Commission

Magical Fantasy Shoes by Tilted Sole

Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella-inspired shoes. These are some of the shoe fantasies you can live thanks to TiltedSole.

While I’m unsure of where you would wear these extravagant shoes besides at fancy dress-up parties, you could still pull them off if you have the guts to.

But let’s just say that if you rocked them at your next dinner date, you may raise eyebrows and even pop eyeballs – which may be ok with your prince charming.

To be safe, these wild shoes are definitely rock-able when you’re out with the girls.

Affiliates earn a commission of 8% on sales.

5 Online Affiliate Programs in Beauty

Now, for our online affiliate programs guide, we would like to share with you some great products from the beauty world. Here are the five products you will be promoting:

  • No Glue Eyelashes (25% Commish)
  • Monthly Lipstick Subscription Box (£10 Commish)
  • Anti-Aging Tea (10-20% Commish)
  • Beard & Haircut Shaping Template (10% Commish)
  • High-Quality Bath & Body Products (20% Commish)

No Glue Eyelashes for 25% Commission

No More Glue | Magnetic EyelashesAs far as makeup application skills go, some of us can’t draw an eyeliner to save our lives. We can’t even handle the basics never mind nerve-racking applications like gluing on eyelashes.

I must admit, I love the idea of dramatic eyelashes but I don’t trust myself with using glue.

Hashtag disaster dot com.

But, I found a game changer. Magnetic eyelashes from Vav Beauty Care Favor.

No glue needed and they’re reusable. No mess and absolutely foolproof.

Thank goodness.

Affiliates earn a commission of 25% on sales.

Monthly Lipstick Subscription for £10 Commission

Beauty Subscription Box by Lippi

I’m guilty. Every time I travel or visit the drug store, I can’t help but buy new lipsticks.

Not so much because I’m obsessed but more so because I’m yet to find the perfect lip products to take me through different looks and different climates.

I’m also terrible at making decisions on colors so I am quite excited about the monthly lipstick subscription box from Lippi.

From £21 per month, you’ll get a box of luxurious lipsticks and beauty products. Indicate your skin tone and they’ll send you suitable pigments.

Love, love, love. And yay to more lipsticks!

Affiliates earn a commission of £10 per sale.

Anti-Aging Tea for 10-20% Commission

Reverse Signs of Aging with InfiniteaGoing natural should be a no-brainer. It’s the best thing you can do for your body. And it will thank you for it.

Forget complex anti-aging commercial products and feed your body with Infinitea Anti-Aging Tea.

This blend of natural teas will help you look and feel youthful. Your skin will radiate and aging will be slowed down.

Get a 14-day package for $25. No chemicals and no preservatives.

How can you not see results with this good stuff?

Affiliates earn a commission of 10-20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Infinitea.

Beard & Haircut Shaping Template for 10% Commission

Perfect Curve Everytime | The Cut BuddyDo you DIY all the way? You’re the type that has a full-on grooming kit and as far as having your favorite barber, it’s you – whether your skills are smooth or not.

Get your clippers ready because you will excite over The Cut Buddy.

This is the #1 best selling beard and haircut shaping guide template.

Get the perfect curves and lines. Give yourself a professional finish every time.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

High-Quality Bath & Body Products for 20% Commission

Bathe Like Royals | Beauty Affiliate ProgramsGetting back to the grind after the holidays can be quite traumatic. It’s a shock to the system.

One moment you are lazing on beach sand worrying about what cocktail to order and the next moment you are cringing at your 5 am alarm clock worrying about your bills to pay.

Hold it together. We can do it.

A little bit of TLC from Bathe Like Royals will soften the blow of the new year and make you feel fantastic – even at 5am.

From bath bombs to shower steamers – enjoy a little therapy when you need it.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.

5 Online Affiliate Programs in Health

Last up in our special edition blog post – online affiliate programs that promote what we all hope to have – good health.

These are the 5 products that you will be able to market when you are registered with each of the affiliate programs:

  • Therapeutic Essential Oils (15% Commish)
  • Health Care Pack (20% Commish)
  • Weight Loss Coffee (20% Commish)
  • Unconventional Health & Well Being Products (9% Commish)
  • On-The-Go Teeth Whitening (12-25% Commish)

Therapeutic Essential Oils for 15% Commission

Healing Master | Wellness For YouYeah, the idea of using essential oils is fantastic. Only if you know what you’re working with and what it’s for.

If you find your life is busy and you cannot commit yourself to learn the basics of essential oils but would love to enjoy the benefits, then dharmaceuticals will help make it easy for you.

You’ll find pre-mixed essential oils to treat specific ailments – like the Healing Master oil that heals the skin quickly without leaving scars.

Various beauty, body and spirit wellness essential oils are also available.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.

Health Care Pack for 20% Commission

Provacan | Health + Beauty CareIf you’re still struggling in disorientation in 2019 and you’re desperate for a hack to kick-start your energies, a little bit of cannabis oil in your life may be the answer.

Don’t stress because you can get your own CBD care package from Provacan.

This includes NightTime, CalmTime, CBD Balm, and CBD Water Soluble oil.

This will get your energies right and keep you going through the year.

Thank goodness.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.

Weight Loss Coffee for 20% Commission

28 Day Weight Loss/Management ProgramAny reason to drink coffee and I’m sippin’. Skinnea Coffee gave me an exciting new reason to continue to indulge in my love for coffee.

How exciting do increased metabolism and faster weight loss sound?

Well, with their 28-day weight loss supply made from 100% Brazillian Arabica Coffee with six supercharged organic weight loss ingredients, we will be sexy and skinny.

With less than four calories per serving, who wouldn’t love Skinnea Coffee?

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.

Unconventional Health & Well Being Products for 9% Commission

Secret Energy by Spiritek

You’ve got to take a good moment for this one. I’ve come across interesting health products but never have I seen stuff this fascinating.

You have to check out Secret Energy by Spiritek for the most unconventional health and well-being products – likely stuff you’ve never heard of.

Get biochemical cell salts that make up the building blocks to every cellular system – apparently, there are 12 that are good for you. And heighten your perception with the Intelligence Suite that uses advanced binaural frequencies.

Yeah, this is some out of this world stuff – oh and there’s more.

Check it out for yourself.

Affiliates earn a commission of 9% on sales.

You made it to the end! Not quite – let’s finish up this list of online affiliate programs with a sparkle.

On-The-Go Teeth Whitening for 12-25% Commission

White Foam by Ever Smile | Online Affiliate Programs

You may not be able to give yourself a full body makeover in an instant but you can get whiter teeth. And that’s a great start. Who doesn’t want sparkling white teeth?

Get EverSmile’s WhiteFoam that will clean and whiten your teeth without causing sensitivity. It breaks up stain particles responsible for teeth discoloration while brightening your teeth. This new product will give you fantastic results.

Get your bottle from as little as $29.99 – what a bargain compared to booking a professional teeth whitening service.

Affiliates earn a commission of 12-25% on sales.

The Online Affiliate Programs Don’t End There!

I know it’s a fairly long list of online affiliate programs. But trust me. These programs offer a great ROI for your time. So if you don’t have the time to properly digest everything this very second, then bookmark this page. And come back later when you are ready to commit your full attention.


Why did I say it doesn’t end there?

Because it doesn’t!

We have way more affiliate marketing opportunities where you get to promote a bunch of amazing products. And also make some decent money while doing so.

Firstly, you could check out some of our previous posts that share insights into the latest online affiliate programs out there.

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