3 Trendy Tech Affiliate Programs Paying Up To 25% Commissions

Reduce Your Expose to Harmful Radiation for 15% Commission

Did you know that everyday you are exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from wireless devices? This exposure can compromise your health. Reduce your exposure with Shield Your Body that shields this harmful electromagnetic radiation. It works by creating a mesh of conductive or magnetic material that forms a barrier against harmful radiation. Get protected with a wide range of products including cellphone devices, laptop devices, baby blankets and tiles. Affiliates earn 15% commission on sales.

Uncomplicate Your Remote Control for €25 Commission

Remove the cluttered complication in your gadget life with this nifty dome-like shaped Spin Remote.  The Spin Remote gives you one remote for all your devices that smartly connects via infrared, Bluetooth and WifFi.  Since it works with handy gesture control, you can say goodbye to useless buttons on multiple remotes. €99 will get you one Spin Remote.  Affiliates earn €25 per sale.  

Unblock Censored Websites & Protect Your Identity for up to 25% Commission
Let’s not beat around the bush with this:  there are some perks that are just not available to you because of your location.  Weather it’s a movie streaming service or any other website that is limited to only certain parts of the world, you don’t need to be left out any longer thanks to VPN Shazam.  For a subscription from as little at $6.24, you can protect your identity, encrypt all traffic and evade hackers.  With servers from over 33 countries, VPN Shazam will get you connected instantly. Affiliates can earn a commission of up to 25%.

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