3 Niche Clothing Items With Great Affiliate Programs

Fabulous Handwoven and Artisan Fabrics for 10% Commissions

Are you a travel, fashion or style blogger or influencer is searching for worldly, unique and timeless fashion that stands out from the crowd?

Monsoon Rags has taken the fabulous handwoven and artisan fabrics you discovered traveling the globe and turned them into timeless styles that the modern woman can wear. They shun the look-a-like, mass-produced fashion – and craft timeless, beautiful styles instead. Products are priced at $180 AUD and up – affiliates can earn a commission of 10%.

Pimp Chimp Apparel (Yup, That’s Right)

Pimp Chimp Apparel boasts some sweet tees, hoodies and sweaters. Cruise the website and you’re going to find a tee or three that you just have to have – and have to share with your followers!

Thanks to Pimp Chimp’s advanced affiliate tracking software, you can post a direct link to any tee you like on social media, and receive affiliate credit for ALL purchases that result from your referral (that tee, and beyond). Commissions are £2 (around $2.50) per item sold.

Unique Women’s Boutique – $10 Per New Customer

Want to earn extra income while promoting another ethical business? The Pretty Tree is a unique online women’s boutique, specializing in high-quality women’s apparel and accessories, organic children’s clothing, as well as health & beauty products.

The Pretty Tree pays $10 per new customer, and they’ll hook you up with a higher commission rate after proven sales success.

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