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Adam was such a life saver. It was truly an incredible experience working with him on setting everything up. Can’t wait to make money using LeadDyno!
Bachata Ball
The support at LD is great. They helped to make sure that my affiliate links were working and even did a test order for me to confirm. LeadDyno is the best solution for a small business looking to add an Affiliate Program. If you’re at that stage, then you are likely running various CPC campaigns and LeadDyno helps to track the efficiency of those campaigns. Their system seamlessly syncs to Shopify as well as other apps like Mail Chimp. They use Live Chat so you can always get immediate assistance. LeadDyno is a great partner for a small company looking to get the analytics that usually only large companies can afford. Start with an Affiliate Program and get superior web traffic analytics!
Support team (Adam) is a an absolute powerful team member and asset. Amazing customer service! Super simple to use and configure.
Lead Dyno is more than an affiliate system they are enabling us here at and Selestial Soap to get our #laundryfreedom story in front of new customers quickly. There are better reports that come out of lead dyno than we get out of google analytics. We have a VERY complicated integration and this is the only SaaS that we have found that can serve our needs… This is a must have SAAS app if you are an internet marketer of any level! Bret, Richard, Adam and Jennifer are an absolute pleasure to work with!
Kittim Company
Very helpful support, Jennifer Goodman has answered many questions and helped me get LeadDyno up and running
Thermo Works
Currently trialing LeadDyno – I have run through a couple of affiliate apps for shopify and deleted all of them bar LeadDyno. I’ve done this due to others being un-streamlined and clunky. I’ve found (so far) LeadDyno to be the opposite. It took me about 10 minutes to setup and customize it for our business which i loved. I had something I couldn’t work out and went to support who sorted it pretty much instantly (after asking my exact requirement) – Adam Jacobs was the Support Manager who helped me out. So far the experience is absolutely refreshing. As mentioned I am currently trialing this but so far so good. Thank you
Sili Sunglasses Australia
LeadDyno was instrumental in helping me quadruple my business last year. The thing I love most is how easy it is to get support when I have a question. Today, I had a tech question I could not figure out on my own. Adam popped up in the chat and together we tried to problem[…]Read More
instantly response. good support. great job!
Shopnsave My
Adam offers the best customer service, always helpful.
The integration between LeadDyno and Shopify just works. What more could I ask for? Also, LeadDyno offers straightforward and concise support – via live chat (thanks Adam), and webinars/videos. It is easy to set up and to maintain.
Auto Enrolment Guide
I am into about 48 hours of setup (mostly creating banner content) since the rest was SOOOO simple. We have lots of needs for wholesale and retail customers. We started looking at offering our Dog rescue groups a way to make money off of the over 50,000 items that we make and have for sale on our site Now the wheels are turning AND by thinking out of the box are pushing the envelope of marketing our buisiness in multiple ways. The visitor logs in the dashboard show where traffic is coming from and where they go on the site (very simplistic and so insightful). This has created extra work since…. people are searching in ways that we never addressed. The visitor tracking insight through the dashboard is worth spending some time on…. and you get so much more! Great tech support from Adam while I was online setting up and dreaming up new features that I want. I am not a review writer but, this was a must! Great job! Looking forward to a long profitable relationship!
Love this product! I did a lotttt of research to find an affiliate program that matched my needs and was compatible with my Big Commerce platform, I am so happy I found Lead Dyno. I am most happiest with the ability to do coupon code commissioning instead of just using a link. This is actually the only program I found to offer this and works with BC. I feel it gives affiliates greater incentive to sale the product. Thank you Lead Dyno!!
We are new to using an Affiliate Program and LeadDyno has been excellent in helping us get set up! It’s an intuitive, easy to use program. Special thanks to Adam for his individual attention to our specific needs!
I’ve been looking for something like LeadDyno for a while now. I own a clothing brand and we work with many affiliates. Previously we had to do everything manually. Every time someone contacted us wanting to join the scheme or to check to see if they’d had any orders we had to check for them.[…]Read More
extremely easy to install and works seamlessly with Big Commerce. Adam was very helpful and very quick to respond. I pointed out a potential issue with the way commissions are calculated and they had it fixed within a day. I like the dashboard feature for each affiliate as it makes sharing extremely easy and they can earn money with minimal effort. This is also the only affiliate platform I’m aware of that works seamlessly with big commerce, looked into others previously and didn’t have much luck. Give LeadDyno a try, you won’t be disappointed!
John S
I tested out 3 affiliate software programs which integrate with Bigcommerce and LeadDyno is by far the easiest to set up with the most intuitive dashboard design. First of all, I didn’t have to go through hoops just to try out the free trial version and “validate my subscription” via telephone. Next, the process of setting up the app so that it can track sales from Bigcommerce is easy and literally takes one click. Once in, the Dashboard looks great and is not can set up the basics really quickly such as: add banners, and other content marketing material you wish your affiliates to use, terms & conditions etc… Also, when I had a question, the response was within a few hours via email, from the Founder. Social media shortcuts are already there as well as the most important feature you want to give your affiliates i.e. the ability to link to specific pages on your website (not just the home page). I use LeadDyno for my online furniture business and as an ex-affiliate marketer, I can safely say this is the best of the 3 options currently available.
Leaddyno is a great software for affiliate programs. I love their interactive map and the appealing flow in the back office login area. We’ve decided to go in the Home Party Planning direction and need party planning software. But Leaddyno is a great app for any affiliate program! One of the best I’ve found. ? I hope that they will consider home party features in the future.
The customer service is extremely great. I had a little issue setting up everything by myself and within a few hours of me contacting LeadDyno, they assisted me and got everything working perfectly. Great Company…Highly Recommend.
I actually love Lead Dyno and have been sharing it with other companies! I love the ease of using it and just being able to see all activity going on with my store. I am so glad I came across Lead Dyno. I will for sure be sending others your way! The chat option is great. When I don’t understand something I can chat with you and you are so helpful. I just love it! Thank you for all you do!
Carrie Windsor