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Convert your leads to new customers with our automated lead management tools.

Easy Lead Management

LeadDyno automatically collects lead information when your visitors provide their email address (e.g., signs up for your free newsletter) on your website. From your LeadDyno Dashboard, you can Add, Edit, and Manage your Leads.

Manage Leads
Lead Email Sequence

Send an automated email sequence to your Leads

Choose when to automatically send emails to leads to nurture them into being a customer. Add text, images, and styling depending on the platform. Configure emails to send immediately or after a certain amount of days after becoming a lead.

Import leads to your favorite CRM or Email Marketing platform

Automatically import your leads to a CRM or email marketing platform using one of our integrations with HubspotZohoCRMAweberMailchimp or Klaviyo.

Leads Software Integrations

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Lead Management
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