Commissions & Payouts

Create your own simple or complex commission plans to reward affiliates. Quickly and easily pay affiliates from your LeadDyno account.

Pay affiliates quickly

Set your own commission plan

There are endless ways to configure your affiliate program on LeadDyno. Below are some of the settings available when creating your affiliate program commission plan.

Reward for Visitors Leads Purchases

Types of referrals

Choose whether you want to reward affiliates for visitors, leads, or purchases.

Pay a set amount or percentage

How much

Set the amount to reward each affiliate. Choose between a percentage or set amount of the order.

One time or recurring payment

One time or recurring payment

Have a SaaS business? Continue to pay affiliates each month a customer stays with your service.

Release Affiliate Funds

When to release funds

Choose how long to wait before releasing a commission after a purchase is made to avoid paying commissions on refunded orders.

Affiliates or Group of Affiliates

Who does it apply to

Setup specific plans that apply to an individual or a group of affiliates. Create one or multiple groups of affiliates.

Set the commission type

While most merchants pay affiliates in money, you can also offer alternative payments such as store credit, gifts, or a free month to your service.

Time Boxed Commissions

Time Boxed Incentives

Set date ranges for specific affiliate commissions. Set a start and end date for the particular promotion.

New customer bounty

New Customer Bounties

Reward affiliates for sending you their first customer. The bounty applies a one-time commission.

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing

Reward affiliates for recruiting more affiliates to promote your affiliate program. Set up to 10 levels.

Performance Tiers

Performance Based Tiers

Set up a tiered performance reward system for your affiliates. Base it on the number of $ of sales ongoing or reset each month.

Pay affiliates quickly and easily

It’s easy to pay affiliates with LeadDyno.

Minimum Affiliate Payment

Choose a minimum payment amount

It is up to you to choose the minimum payment amount required before paying your affiliates.

Affiliate Payment Frequency

Choose the payment frequency

You decide how often to pay your affiliates. Pay affiliates weekly, monthly, or quarterly. 

Other payment methods

Pay affiliates by check, wire, free service, gift card, or other methods. Mark affiliate’s as paid in your LeadDyno account.

Paypal Payments

Pay affiliates individually

Quickly pay affiliates around the world in a few clicks using Paypal.

Pay affiliates with Coinbase

Pay affiliates in cryptocurrencies

Payout affiliate commissions using our Coinbase integration.

Pay affiliates with Paypal MassPay

Bulk pay affiliates

Use our integration with Paypal Masspay to pay all your affiliates at one time.

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