Streamline Affiliate Marketing Payments with Our Powerful Stripe Integration

June 18, 2024
Stripe x LeadDyno

There's no better way to build affiliate loyalty than by ensuring they receive commissions with 100% accuracy and consistency. Not only does LeadDyno make it easy to pay thousands of affiliates with a few clicks, but our powerful Stripe integration further simplifies the process by automating Stripe payments and ensuring secure, timely transactions.

Whether you’re managing ten affiliates or ten thousand, perhaps the single most important aspect of running an affiliate program is knowing how you’ll pay each one of your affiliates the right amount on time, every time. LeadDyno’s affiliate marketing Stripe integration syncs your affiliate program inside your Stripe account, so you can manage payments and track affiliate data without ever having to leave the Stripe app. 

As one of the first affiliate marketing software apps to be shortlisted for the launch of the new Stripe App Marketplace, LeadDyno consistently outpaces its competitors, thanks to its user-friendly features, robust integrations, and detailed reporting options.  It’s also the only affiliate management software that is a BigCommerce verified partner.

Read on to learn why LeadDyno is the one of the leading Stripe affiliate programs on the market today.

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Why should you choose an affiliate management software with a Stripe integration?


Stripe is a payment-processing provider that helps businesses to accept and manage payment transactions securely and easily. With multi-currency support and a variety of simple payment options, Stripe is one of the primary payment platforms used around the world. By choosing an affiliate management program that integrates with Stripe, you ensure the following for your business:

  1. Powerful security measures - Stripe uses industry-leading encryption standards to ensure the safety of all sensitive payment information.

  2. Extensive reporting capabilities - Use Stripe’s many data and analytics tracking tools to track revenue, progress, and performance, including transaction trends, customer behavior, and other key metrics.

  3. Intuitive user experience - The user-friendly Stripe dashboard makes for easy assimilation into your business processes without having to do hours of onboarding and training.

  4. Seamless scalability - Stripe makes it easy to oversee hundreds of affiliates and manage thousands of transactions without running into errors and delays in payment. 

When you choose to build your affiliate program using Stripe affiliate software, you can easily automate payments and provide your affiliates with a top-quality referral program experience.

7 reasons to use LeadDyno as your Stripe affiliate management program

As both a Stripe Verified Partner and a top affiliate marketing app, LeadDyno is one affiliate SaaS that stands out from the rest. Here are the top reasons why LeadDyno leads the pack when it comes to choosing the best affiliate, referral and influencer program for Stripe.

1. Simplified affiliate tracking

 LeadDyno makes it easy for your affiliates to track their referrals, visitors, sales, and leads with affiliate tracking links and codes. They can access tracking links for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other platforms, and they can see their own tracking data through a personalized dashboard. 

For affiliates, this means greater ease in tracking progress through their affiliate link, as well as direct access to upcoming commission data. Plus, our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for businesses to measure trends and manage affiliate data. 

2. Robust commission plan payouts

When it comes to establishing an affiliate commission plan, LeadDyno offers a wide payout selection. You can choose to pay according to the type of referral (visitor, lead, or purchase), set the type of commission (cash, gift cards, store credit), create performance-based tiers, and set the commission amount as a fixed rate or percentage. SaaS companies can also offer their affiliates recurring payments for monthly subscription referrals. 

Here’s a list of affiliate commission plan options with LeadDyno:

Plus, you can also offer time-sensitive incentives to go along with special promotions and offers.

3. Advanced, no-code integrations

LeadDyno offers direct integration with over 25 payment, marketing, and e-commerce platforms, allowing for seamless integration of your affiliate marketing program into your current business workflow. 

LeadDyno also integrates with Zapier, so you can connect easily with a wide range of apps and services. Plus, LeadDyno’s API allows businesses to create custom integrations for highly tailored functionality and workflow automation.

4. Customizable affiliate portal with detailed analytics and reporting

LeadDyno’s affiliate portal provides your affiliates with a detailed view of their performance over time, using intuitive referral tracking graphs. They can choose a specific date range to track conversion rates, compare visitor data with conversions, and view the total number of purchases made with corresponding sales figures. 

Businesses on the Advanced and Unlimited plans can also allow affiliates to export lead and customer data with company approval.

5. Easy, self-guided onboarding

New users can get fully onboarded and set up inside LeadDyno in 5 streamlined steps that help significantly reduce setup time. Users can complete these steps at their own pace:

  1. Add your commission plan 
  2. Review affiliate settings
  3. Configure the affiliate website
  4. Connect your site
  5. Add your affiliates

These steps are all self-led, but if any issues arise, you can access our help documentation or reach out to the LeadDyno customer support team for assistance. With these five straightforward steps, businesses can easily build a powerful affiliate program or migrate a current one, even with thousands of active affiliates

6. Transparent pricing – No hidden fees

Along with a free 30-day trial, LeadDyno offers four feature-based pricing plans, each tailored to different affiliate marketing goals. Each of these plans are also available in an annual subscription, which saves an additional 15% on the price:

  • Lite Plan - ($49/mo) Ideal for new affiliate programs with up to 50 active affiliates, 1 reward structure, and a single commission plan
  • Essential Plan - ($129/mo) Allows for up to 150 affiliates, up to 3 commission plans, customized branding options, multi-level marketing access, and more
  • Advanced Plan - ($349/mo) Best for established affiliate programs, this plan offers up to 500 active affiliates, with unlimited reward structures and commission plans, and a more robust set of affiliate program features
  • Unlimited Plan - ($749/mo) For high-powered affiliate programs, this plan offers unlimited access to all the features that LeadDyno offers, including concierge setup, priority support, and personalized reporting

LeadDyno also offers a Managed Services option that is well-suited for clients who have an annual plan, or a more detailed and complex affiliate plan. For Managed Services access, simply reach out to our Account Manager to discuss your specific affiliate program needs. 

Users can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their LeadDyno subscription plan at any time, without having to worry about being locked into any subscription.

7. Customizable branding options

With LeadDyno, you can easily customize your affiliate website to fit your branding, including colors, logos, custom domains, and custom CSS. Tailor email workflows and affiliate brand assets through LeadDyno to ensure that your brand messaging is consistent across all platforms. 

You can also use LeadDyno to create easy-to-share marketing materials that your affiliates can post to their social media followers, garnering major visibility for your business across all social channels.

Optimize your affiliate marketing program with Stripe and LeadDyno

Whether you’re a company just getting started with affiliate marketing or you’re looking to upgrade a thriving affiliate program, LeadDyno is the best affiliate software for Stripe, thanks to its affordability, high-quality user experience, and variety of customizable features. 

The platform can be tailored to suit both small businesses and global brands looking to grow using influencer, affiliate, and referral programs. And with its straightforward setup and custom branding options, your company can easily build a successful, high-performing affiliate marketing program. 

Ready to laser-focus your marketing efforts and maximize revenue, without adding more work to your plate? Explore LeadDyno’s many powerful features when you sign up for a 1:1 Live Demo, or watch our Demo on-demand for an immediate tour of the platform’s features.

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