Setting up LeadDyno’s Integration with Infusionsoft

We are big fans of Infusionsoft at LeadDyno. When you capture a new lead with LeadDyno, you can have the lead automatically ported over to Infusionsoft, where you can then take advantage of its extensive follow up marekting capabilities. Here’s how:

Set Up the Infusionsoft Integration

From LeadDyno, click the Settings button, then select the Integrations tab. Enter your Infusionsoft URL and API key, and click Test Connection.

  • Your Infusionsoft URL is the base URL that appears in your web browser when you access Infusionsoft
  • Your API key can be found within Infusionsoft under Admin > Settings > Application > Encrypted Key

After you verify the connection is good, click Save Integration Info.

Trigger the Infusionsoft Action Set

You can trigger an Action Set within Infusionsoft for each registration, conversion, and cancellation that occurs in LeadDyno.

From Infusionsoft’s Help Center:

An action set is a series of actions that are used together. Most of the time action sets are created automatically when you assign them to a trigger (e.g. web form).

To create a new Action Set in Infusionsoft, go to Marketing > Settings > Action Sets > Add an Action Set. Enter the ID of your Action Set that you wish to trigger for each registration, conversion, and/or cancellation.

Action Set Example: New Registration

Here’s the Action Set we assign to the Register trigger for a new trial user at Chrometa:

  • We create the contact in Infusionsoft (via the LeadDyno integration), and add them to our Free Trial Follow-Up Sequence. This is a series of 6 emails that is automatically delivered to our prospect during their 14-day free trial period.
  • We also apply two tags – the first indicates where they came from, and the second classifies them as a new lead.

And there you have it – your affiliate / online ad tracking tool is synced up with your automated marketing CRM. An Online Marketing Dream Team for small business owners!

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