LeadDyno Affiliate Program

Refer LeadDyno and get paid for the lifetime of your referrals

Join our affiliate program

As an expert in affiliate and online marketing, I’m sure you have plenty of friends and colleagues and followers who could benefit from our “easy affiliate marketing software.” We are willing to pay you generously for your referrals.

That’s why we pay our affiliates a 20% recurring commission on all sales they send our way. I’ve got 21 affiliates I owe money to this month (which we’re paying tomorrow via LeadDyno’s PayPal integration, of course!) I’d love to owe 42 affiliates money at the end of next month.

Here’s why…

This Month I Paid Google $7.40 Per Click

Yep, that’s just for a click on Google Adwords. And when I buy that click, it could be some broke dude with no ability to pay for business software. Or it could be someone confused and not really in need of a solution like ours.

That’s my problem, and not Google’s. But if you’re spending big money with the likes of Adwords and Facebook, I’m sure you appreciate what an affiliate program provides – the guarantee that you ONLY pay for sales that actually close.

With Adwords, we’ll pay more than $500 to acquire a new subscriber. That means it could take me 10-12 months to recoup that initial investment (depending on the subscription plan).

My other problem with Adwords is that there are so many keywords I can buy. Our ad has run less than 8,000 times this month. That’s a lot… but not really when you break it down. Less than 300 impressions a day on search volume. It’s tough to build a business on that alone.

Which Is Why I Want You As An Affiliate

I know you know people! And you can get us in front of more people than Google can. Collectively speaking, everyone reading this newsletter knows WAY MORE qualified prospects for us than Google will hear from between now and 2020.

So please consider joining our affiliate program today. Did I mention I’ll pay you 20% of all sales you send me??I’ll pay you every month on that. And we’ll make it easy for you to share your affiliate link on social media, on email, and/or on your website and/or blog (thanks to your LeadDyno-powered affiliate dashboard, of course.