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How it works

Signup to be an affiliate for LeadDyno, and get your own affiliate
dashboard with links to share on your website or on social media.


Step 1

Sign up to join our affiliate program and get your unique tracking link to start earning a generous recurring commission.

Step 2

Promote LeadDyno using your personalized affiliate link through your website and in blog posts, ads, video content, and social media.

Step 3

Receive a lifetime recurring 30% commission on each monthly subscription made by every customer you refer!

The perfect SaaS business to promote as an affiliate.

LeadDyno has tracked over 309 million referrals since 2014. Our clients generated more than $161 million in affiliate sales in 2022. With our easy-to-use affiliate SaaS, you can automate tracking and paying tens to thousands of affiliates in just a few clicks, You can also view analytics and track your progress through your personalized affiliate Dashboard.

Not only is our commission rate higher than most, but our cookie duration lasts a full year—4x the typical 90 day rate. 

Huge market potential

LeadDyno works with e-commerceSaaS, informational products, membership and more types of businesses.

Resources to Promote us

Promoting LeadDyno to your community is simple! Once you sign up, you get immediate access to a library of creative resources including links, banners and digital materials.

We integrate with the best

LeadDyno can be integrated with 24 platforms, including Stripe, WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Squarespace, Aweber, and Lightspeed. With so many available integrations, your referral audience is endless!

How much you could be earning.

The Starter Plan is the base subscription of $49/month at LeadDyno. The numbers below will give you an example of the potential for promoting LeadDyno. As user traffic grows, they’ll upgrade to higher cost accounts, and your commissions will increase.


Refer 5 people to the Starter plan.


Refer 25 people to the Starter plan.


Refer 50 people to the Starter plan


Refer 100 people to the Starter plan.

Are you a good fit for LeadDyno's Affiliate Program?

eCommerce Store Owners

You know best what makes a store successful—share your expertise with others!

Digital Marketers & Content Writers

If you write or work in the digital marketing field, you’re a great fit!

Social Media Influencers

If you work with influencers or you are an influencer, you’ve got the skill set we’re looking for!

Current LeadDyno Customers

Show your enthusiasm for our affiliate system and earn additional income.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program

What is LeadDyno?

LeadDyno is an affiliate software solution that works for startups and enterprise-sized businesses. Since 2014, LeadDyno has been an industry leader in affiliate tracking with over 162 million referrals. With 24 integrations and no coding knowledge required to use, LeadDyno continues to innovate and streamline its affiliate marketing software to help its users save time and grow their revenue while managing their affiliate program.

What is LeadDyno's affiliate program?

As an affiliate, you get 30% commission for each ongoing subscription made by a customer you refer. And every time they upgrade to a higher plan, your commission rate goes up as well. All payments run through Paypal, so you can guarantee that your banking information will be safe and payments will arrive on time.

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

Nope! It’s totally free!

Do I need to be a LeadDyno customer?

Although we love it when our customers are so enthusiastic about our affiliate SaaS that they become affiliates themselves, you do not have to be a LeadDyno customer to become an affiliate.

How do I promote LeadDyno?

We’ll give you all the tools you need! Once you access your affiliate login, you can advertise using personalized affiliate links, which you can share through your website and in blog posts, ads, video content, and social media.

How can I sign up for the affiliate program?

You can sign up for your unique tracking link here and start sharing right away!

I'm a digital marketer. Is this program good for me?

Absolutely! In fact, digital marketers are perfect LeadDyno affiliates. Not only do we already have clients who are in the digital marketing field, but we also have a special appreciation for the way digital marketers truly know the ins and outs of online sales.

Where can I find out more about the program?

You can learn more about why LeadDyno is a leader in the industry by checking out our case studies.
You can also shoot us an email at [email protected] with any questions you might have.

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